#Yesterday was heavy, put it down. Though, like ‘The Beatles’ said, all my troubles, rather than so far away, are still here. Don’t mind the complaining; don’t judge me, ok? Thank you. 

Not quite meaning to lift up the left (hopeful and wanting my right, instead) side of my pastel #pink tie dye @gap gap brand sweatshirt a merely short, over twenty four hours ago, the tiny pinch of a flu shot’s hurtful needle jabbed in the main direction of my non dominant arm, engaged front and center. The sting was real! I’m glad that I handled it like a #lady, a classy #badass #woman #boss. 

With an uncomfortable, sore bicep muscle, and now, seemingly, non thankfully everywhere else around a five foot body, inactive is my continual, miserable stay still (emotional, restful worthy) #tgif #friday #friyay #weekend #weekendvibes status, not that I had any other plans, beforehand. Oh, #Saturday #SaturdayNight laughter distractive #family dinner? Not a problem. Check! @ams527 @rtaglienti @danataglienti @the_endofthe_internet @malloryjaynehighstein 

@walgreens hosted the briefly held, conveniently local three thirty appointment (lasting nothing short of a few difficult, painful Mississippi’s, not sorry for the essentially clever humor usage), eventually arriving home (and to the soft, lilac purple colored walls of a thirty something’s bedroom) to carefully, unhealthily eat and lounge about, post nerve wracked, announced Halloween scream ready experience.

A girl’s freshly, navy blue sheeted bed, matching pillows, and a plaid patterned comforter unapologetically call the familiarity card, allowing #art’s typical leisure to schedule a fun lazily relaxed, online streaming entertainment #tv/television show bonanza, adjacently joined by @instagram #instagram #influencer dedicated content (#writing; #hashtag) from the unique #contentcreator in myself. Uninterrupted is pleasant #music to my ears, song’s quiet absence, otherwise known as @spotify #spotify’s soothingly #calm rain/thunderstorm playlist. The necessity is obvious. I highly recommend. You’re welcome, a resilient conversational excuse.

Depression’s curveball caught off guard, pinpointed cause of sole alienation from social stomping grounds. Briefly checked out, absence of meds proved mindful. Capability surrounds nearby strangeness.