The rise of people daring to change the trajectory of their lives (at all ages) is something which, as a life coach, consistently gives me goosies. However it does take courage when stepping into unchartered waters.

This is a photo of me shark diving in Cape Town, moments before I looked up and realised a huge shark was directly above me.

Whilst I was shocked (and may have released some bubbles from elsewhere!) I wasn’t surprised.

I chose to be there.

Yes I was scared before I consciously decided to dive down into a shark frenzy, but to me I found the funny side to this experience as I was lowering myself into the water.

You see, at this time in my life I felt exhausted from trying to avoid upsetting people, letting people down, not being the good friend, constantly being the perfect employee, the amiable girlfriend and the polite overly apologetic stranger in the street.

I was scared of the repercussions of speaking my truth, voicing my opinions, saying yes when I meant yes and no when I meant no and not apologising because someone barged past me.

Ultimately releasing the people pleaser within me.

I wanted to speak up about something (not important for this post) and told someone and yet again I was met with “I wouldn’t! You wouldn’t want to swim with sharks, would you?”

Which really meant, just do as you’re told, don’t rock the boat, shut up and just carry on.

Well I got to a point in my life when I simply decided.


I’m guessing if you’re still reading this you might also have been there or understand where I’m going with this.

I simply wiped my tears away, opened the ladies cubicle door looked in the mirror and promised myself, I matter, my life matters, my path in life matters and it’s not up for anyone else to decide.

  • Enough with hiding what matters to me (for fear of others not understanding)
  • Enough with carrying on with not really knowing who I truly am (for fear of those who love me, not liking the newer/ more understood version of myself)
  • Enough with pretending I don’t want more from my own life (for fear of someone close to me possibly feeling inadequate)
  • Enough with letting other people dictate where my heart, passions and life goes.

Oh and enough with telling me I wouldn’t want to swim with sharks…

Actually Jeff, yes I do!

We can all try and avoid “the sharks” but here’s the thing, sharks fear dolphins.

So they’re not quite the be all and end all we all perceive them to be.

Also sharks fear dolphins because whenever a member of the group is in danger from a shark, the rest of the pod rushes in to defend their buddy.

If you’re seeking your “pod”, we’re waiting for you.

Change will cause a stir but most importantly you’re not alone.

I see you.

Remember, the life you are seeking is seeking you right back.

Much love,
Stacey x