There is a unique opportunity for nonprofits and tapping into corporate giving. It represents more than just charitable funding, but it is still considered an essential driver of nonprofit programs worldwide. There was a total of $20.05 billion corporate giving in 2018 as per the report of Giving USA 2019.

Now the question arises, how should a nonprofit approach corporate giving. The more a nonprofit can increase its overall funding and optimize it to use it effectively, the better off the cause that it seeks to tackle.

Corporate Giving and Nonprofits

The following are some of the best ways where a nonprofit organization can tap into corporate giving.

· Select partner

· Remember to form a proper proposition

· Building a campaign before time to show the expected value

Select the Right Partner

Selecting a compatible partner is often essential when utilizing corporate giving options. Conversely, choosing the wrong person may compromise the company’s reputation, and it might not be beneficial.

Keep in mind to select a partner who may align with the organization’s purpose and correctly understands the organization’s core values. This alignment is what provides significant value for both firms and society in general.

Another option may be to start working with small businesses. Contact people that one can reach easily. As small organizations can work with small businesses efficiently, there is a need to show the value of having a partner with the relevant organization that one can approach.

There is a Need to Form a Proper Proposition

There is one approach, and that is to provide businesses that can help to sponsor a campaign of donation. It will help them get more impact on the contributions made, which will help maximize the brand’s exposure to the people of the organization.

When one talks about the employees, there is a massive value of American corporate giving efforts. Nonprofits can derive value from the efforts and monetary donations of corporate employees.

Building a Campaign Before Time

First, one should form the campaign page before starting anything. Having accurate nonprofit fundraising software, one can quickly create a page that can help the corporate partner, which allows the campaign to roll forward without any issues.