Routine is everything. Most of us probably start the day by hitting snooze a few (dozen) times, followed by 10-15 minutes of mindless puttering on our phones. It’s a hard habit to break, trust us, we know. 

The fact is that what we do with our time in the morning affects us for the rest of the day. It’s also true that our brains are built to dominate first thing in the morning.

You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, morning domination sounds terrible. 

We’re not here to tell you to get up at 5 am, run 16 miles and then have a cold shower. Hard pass.   

What we are here to tell you is that making small changes to your morning routine can have major impacts on your entire lifestyle. 

How do you get started? 

Break the cycle that you are currently in and start your morning on purpose. 

Remember, the most successful way to change something is by starting small. For example, if you are finding yourself on your phone every morning after waking up, place your phone across the room from your bed. Small change, big result. 

Try adopting a consistent morning routine and sticking to it. It can be something as easy as sitting quietly for 5 minutes, out of bed, after waking up. Maybe a short walk, or a stretching routine. Block off time every morning, even if it’s only 20 minutes, for your routine. 

Having this consistency allows you to eliminate decision-making from your mornings and will completely change your mindset throughout the day.

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