As business owners, we are often pushed out of the nest. If we choose.
How do we know it’s time? When you are comfortable.
I literally hate and the word is hate being uncomfortable. But there is the urge to keep moving ahead towards a burning desire. It must have it’s way. That desire is at the center of you and that little voice is urging you to take this particular action.
I used to fearless and had complete abandonment towards the actions I took. Well…I did get smacked and hard to the point where the phone calls were coming in about payment being needed to be made, and I did go without food for a short period of time. I wish this on no one. But it is essential to be humble and grateful once the calming period sets in.
There were tears and complete frustration as I was in the midst of changing my relationship with money.
Then the miracle happened. My bank came to the rescue and gave me even more than I expected. That’s usually how it goes. Phew!! I’ll never forget the afternoon that took no more than 15 minutes to sign the documents required.
That time has come once again. My perspective is very different than my last lesson on money. I will never have to be taught that particular lesson again!
Just remember this, as your taking this important step.

  1. Does it light up your heart?
  2. Is it the right action towards your desire?
  3. Do you get emotionally excited about where it will take you?

If you are not sure. Be patient and wait for the right answer.

Once you know the right move. Don’t hesitate. Take action.

You have unlimited potential.

“Whatever makes you uncomfortable, is your biggest opportunity for growth.” Bryant H. McGill

Andrea Biedermann