The mindset of a successful entrepreneur versus an unsuccessful entrepreneur .

This summer I ran an online challenge in my free Facebook community and I must admit it was hard work! Getting people to sign up for something free required the same effort as if I’d charged for it. It made me reflect on the mindset of a successful entrepreneur versus an unsuccessful entrepreneur and the lessons I’ve learned:

You Make Money When You Show Up. Taking part in things like challenges really does work. That’s the people who actually SHOWED UP and did stuff. As a collective the group made over £50,000 in sales in TWO WEEKS, and that’s just the sales that were reported.

Taking Part Gives You Rewards. Out of 153 who registered, only 67 ever showed up on ANY of the live trainings, and only 7 people – YES SEVEN – showed up on all of them. All 5 of the prizewinners were amongst those 7.

This Shizzle Really Changes Lives. One remarkable lady turned around her finances in 14 days, and told me her husband was sleeping better and no longer worried about money. Wow.

95% of my/your/any community are NOT READY. And, that’s OK. Serve the 5% who are ready, and make it work for them.

The thing is, if you want your business to work – you have to put in the work – take the action; not just the thought. I’ve been surrounding myself with successful people and they all share this trait. They are the dreamers AND the doers. If you take determined action to improve your life or business; you will see those results.

So the question is – are you in that 5%?