Nour Atta

To be successful requires certain commitments. We must accept that not all things are going to go our way. When we experience challenge, or any sort of delay along our path, it is easy to become consumed with frustrations, and to entertain thoughts of defeat. When we are experiencing hardship, we are unable to make any real sense of our emotions. We’re not capable of making the best decisions, and we’re unable to see how things are going to turn around. Although you may not be in control of the events you’re stuck in right now, you must keep your commitments to success, and you will eventually get there.

These days, nobody needs to have a background in anything before becoming successful in that thing. Nour Atta is proof that one can make things happen with dedication, commitment, and a will to succeed. Nour Atta’s motivation to start teaching people how to trade was borne out of his friends and close people asking him how he makes money. This spurred him to create training avenues to teach anyone interested in learning the ropes of trading. His desire to change people’s lives by setting them on the path to financial freedom has also kept him motivated to keep going. Every day he shares new insights and trading signals with his community of traders to ensure they stay in profit for that day.

“Since I started trading, I have gotten many people asking me what my strategies are, and being the kind of person who’s always ready to show people how to get things done; I began to teach my friends how to trade. My friends’ friends also joined in and their friends too. It soon became a community as the number of students increased. Now, everyone feeds off of the success of other students, and that’s how we have been able to make progress,” Nour says.

Nour says, It’s your level of commitment to what you’re doing that is going to decide your level of success in it. Sadly, most people just stop after the ‘wish’ part and hardly take the pain to commit to their dreams. Probably that is what stops them to be successful in any endeavor.

Let’s get this straight that there is no shortcut to success. The only way to be successful is to take the long road and follow your pursuit with hundred percent dedication and commitment to it. However, the road to success isn’t easy as it sounds to be. You have to make several commitments to yourself to reach there and live the life you’ve dreamt in your dreams.

Navigating the rough patches all on his own, building his trading career into a successful one was not always an easy journey for him. For every time he failed, he never allowed that to deter him. He would rather spend time developing new strategies to take advantage of the market.