More voters took to the polls than in the past mid-term elections.  Our voices were heard whether or not all our candidates won.   As one lady shared, she voted just so she could legitimately complain, you cannot complain about politics if you don’t vote.  I loved that as it truly represents the foundation of who we are as people.  I thought about the world that I wanted to see if I got to wave my magic wand and make everything better.  I think we can all agree on these things whether or not you voted Democratic or Republican. 

  1.  I wish for a world with no more homeless or abused animals.
  2.  I wish for no more orphans and abused children or women.
  3. I wish for true compassion for our friends, neighbors, and those we can’t understand.
  4.  I wish for an end to gun violence and mass shootings.
  5. I wish for an end to homelessness and hunger.
  6.  I wish for an end to natural disasters.
  7. I wish that all seeking employment would find it.
  8. I wish for an end to narcissism and self-gratification.
  9. I wish for an end to mental illness.
  10. I wish for a cure for cancer and Alzheimers. 
  11. I wish for an end to the opioid epidemic.
  12. I wish that we love our neighbor as ourselves.
  13. I wish for decency and diplomacy in our our interactions.
  14. I wish for peace and harmony.

I am sure you would add more items to this list but for me this is pretty comprehensive.  I think Heaven will be a lot like this.  I don’t know if as a world we will ever achieve all these things but it doesn’t stop us from trying and working toward this.


    • Jo Ann Burkhalter

      Writer and Sales Professional

      Alabama born and raised, educated with a MBA from Auburn University and passionate about all things southern. I have always enjoyed helping people and and especially animals.