Walk with me into nowhere, where emptiness has its rightful place amidst the heavens.Where tears are comforted amidst understanding.Where Presence is felt when you don’t know where you belong.Where fear is held in sanctity of what lessons it can offer you.Walk with me into nowhere, where my soul reaches into yours and no boundary exists except the ones in which our minds create.Where my soul touches upon yours the lightness of our own beings, so much so that any separation would be unbearable.Walk with me into nowhere, where you and I exist as one, not tearing each other apart to survive a reality which is only experienced by our projections.Where you and I exist as one, emotions running fluidly through sparks of matter which ground our souls into dense earthly bodies.Held by a container we call love, leaving little room for thoughts which continue to separate.Walk with me into nowhere. I will find you.You will find me.How could we not?After all, we are one and nowhere is the tabernacle of the gods.