The talented Actor– Danish Khan, coming from Hyderabad, who successfully risked the digitalized platform to reach the wide audience. But no actor gets an easy go-to accomplishment, but it always takes numerous knockouts to a huge breakthrough.

He was rejected by numerous theatre groups, acting schools for his unattractive and unconvincing looks which were a demotivation but never to give up or fall off the dream. He had enough courage to never back off his vision and to rather fight against it to achieve his ambitions.

He was also invited to speak at Ted talks and Josh talks in India to share his struggle story among the struggling artists and the world to sit back and learn the tough times behind the bright success.

Today, he has 14 Awards to his credit which includes International awards as well.

He was also honored with Virtuoso award by the Telangana government.

And now, to the next step, Danish Khan is all set to direct his most awaited web series for zee 5 and the revolutionary Danish Khan is back on the floor after a long gap of 2 years.

Danish khan in his interview stated that “Every film of mine will introduce fresh talent. The shooting of which will begin in mid-August 2019.”

He later connected that, “- there are 2 more Web series to be shot for another bigger platform that Will be completed by the end of the year 2019. Every reputed and bigger media company has a scarcity of creative, Quality and unique content and my subjects have attracted them all in the very first meetings. They are willing to produce them in Regional languages as well.”

“I’ve written story, screenplay and dialogues for many films and Daily soaps for big production houses in the past and that experience are really helping me pitching the right content at the right place.”

The interviewers were amazed by the amount of passion and hard work invested by him, and they asked several more counter questions to him further.

“Your story and the aggressive move towards your career is quite captivating since you weren’t born with a silver spoon. But, what did you intend by taking a break of two years after the award-winning film

‘Aatankwadi Kaun’. A lot of people expected even more inspiring and quality films latter to it. “

To which, he slid his answer smoothly quoting:

” My life in these two years was no lesser to a roller coaster ride. I admit I was forced to refuse some huge offers from the Tollywood, but losing my mother in September 2017 caused an intense trauma to me. This was a totally unexpected loss and was unbearable to me. I’d be not wrong if I say it was the biggest loss of life to me.”

The interviewers paused due to the heavy emotional statement. Later, one of the interviewers curiously asked,

“What sparked your journey towards entrepreneurship?”

“I was associated with the Digital Media very passionately since it became almost an inception in India and missing this out bursting opportunity wasn’t my plan. I saw the emerging era of Digital media as the future path, and now I’m working as “Digital Media Strategist”. I have registered my own Advertising and Digital Marketing Company known as “D.K. Advertising and Branding” and we have numerous clients from India and even abroad who are taking wholesome benefit of our uniquely crafted creative marketing strategies. Various brands reached out to me for their branding and video Advertisements. But I’m not really planning to stop there itself, and therefore I’ve also commenced my latest business venture of Super Delivery App, ‘Spoons 11’ that we’ve launched in Hyderabad almost a month ago along with my partner Imtiyaz.”

“Why do you want to work specifically with newcomers or new talents?” 

“To be honest, during my struggle period, I played quite hard to grab an opportunity to bloom. I visited several people in order to achieve my ambition but big guys just fake promised. I know the feeling of not being given a chance even when you’re deserving. I don’t want that to be suffered by other strugglers. I respected each and every new entrant, and new talent and strongly feel that everyone deserves being given a chance.”

 You are among the few one who helped YouTube to grow in the beginning in India by introducing the concept of Short length films, why didn’t you start your own YouTube channel? 

I never looked on it as a need. We lacked cameras, editing suites and even we couldn’t really afford a dubbing studio. I was bothered about shooting short films to which I issued a right to release for YouTube channels, who in consideration promised to provide us with free editing and camera. By this technique, my films helped variant media channels to grow in Hyderabad. They never used to have content creators, and even after a long span of eight years, the scenario is still the same. They still lack quality content. But now I’ve planned to launch the most anticipated YouTube channel soon which will produce selectively useful, informative and sensible content for all age groups.

 What is the best possible way for someone to reach you if they’re interested in working with you? 

I respond to every query and DM on my Instagram. You can text me, my Instagram handle is danishkhan_