Martin Polanco

Earlier, health and wellness spas mostly focused on weight loss, detoxification, and anti-aging techniques. However, when they reopened after lockdown, they introduced new services to suit the COVID-19 era. Now, they attract customers to immunotherapy and lymphocyte count to help them improve their immunity. This may make you wonder if you can also enjoy the effectiveness of these approaches in your daily life to boost your immune system during the pandemic. Here are some simple strategies to follow for this.

Martin Polanco: Building immunity in the time of the novel coronavirus

Seasonal fruits and veggies

Follow a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables of the season. Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich food can be excellent for your immunity and protect you from illnesses. Make sure you buy seasonal produce to benefit from its freshness and nutrition.


Taking fresh food is necessary for your intestinal microbiota. Your diet can include nuts, leafy vegetables, onions, garlic, seeds, apples, beans, and grains.


You can feel energetic and healthy when you indulge in a sweet coffee or pastry in the morning. But soon after your energy levels fall, leaving you hungry for more sugar. Nutritionists tell people to stay away from honey, artificial sweeteners, and refined sugar in breakfast for this reason. If you want to have good health, consume soup that contains vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other nourishing ingredients. You can add onions, carrots, tofu, and other things for more nutrition.

Deep breathing

According to clinical expert Martin Polanco, mental health is most important when dealing with stress. If you remain stressed, you also stress your immune system. One of the easy ways to gain control over it is breathing. When you inhale and exhale, your lymph nodes become active; and as they defend you from illnesses, you can stay safe and healthy.


When you sleep, you allow your tissues and muscles to repair and heal, and this is crucial for your immunity. If you don’t sleep well, your immune system becomes weak, and you expose yourself to infections and ailments. As per medical experts, adults need to rest for seven to eight hours a day.

Social life

Living a solitary life can make you feel lonely, depressed, and sedentary. All these are not good for your immunity. So, remain in touch with your dear ones so that you don’t feel restless. Your mind will be in control, and you will lower your stress levels. At the same time, spending time with friends and family will help you avoid unhealthy habits like tobacco and alcohol. The risk of obesity will also be reduced.

Regular exercise and exercising outdoors can also be helpful. Most of your worries fade away when you’re working out, rejuvenating your mind with fresh thoughts. And if your brain is healthy and you feed your body with healthy foods, your immunity will strengthen and you will prevent infection and illnesses. However, when you do exercise in the open, make sure to follow social distancing rules. After all, you do not want to expose your body to any uninvited guest.