The workspace is where many people spend most of their day. Even though workforces turned remote due to the pandemic, it is not to say you should forget all about mental health. Now more than ever, it is vital for employers to look into the mental health of their team.

After all, a healthy and happy workforce tends to be way more productive.  Even though there are numerous measures employers can put in place to build employee mental strength, never forget about the office setup.  Remember, your surrounding can make or break you.  With that in mind, here are three office design changes that help create a mentally healthy workplace.

  • Prioritize Office Wall Paint

The painting on the walls of your offices says a lot about the mental state of your workforce. Have dull wall painting, and there is a big chance you will be dealing with a less motivated team.  That works against your company since they may not be in the best position to meet your expectations.

Rather than turning a blind eye as you deal with a dull and stressed team, why not start by repainting the walls. You don’t have to handle everything single-handedly since you can opt for painting services in Dubai and repaint the walls with lively colors. Be sure to add photos on the repainted walls as they also work wonders in boosting employee mental health.

  • Proper Lighting

Natural light is essential when it comes to boosting employee mental health at the workplace. Poor lighting leads to depression and stress, and can affect the performance of your team. Things are different with a perfectly lit office since it improves the mood and energy levels of workers. But what if the external building structure hinders the amount of natural light that makes it to your office?

In this case, you’re better off installing artificial lighting that mimics natural light. Even though you have to incur additional costs, it’s way worth it in the end.  And that does not come as a surprise as it helps improve mood and concentration levels at the workplace.

  • Ensure Your HVAC System is Fully Functional

Many business leaders ignore Commercial building HVAC despite playing a crucial role in employee mental health and well-being. You don’t want to have your employees working in a space that’s too hot as it leaves them uncomfortable, stressed and less productive. The same is to be said when the air around is stuffy.

To avoid last-minute surprises, be sure to pay for AC maintenance services and keep your team comfortable at all times. In the event of a faulty unit, you can leverage air conditioning repair services and fix it. That way, you can give your employees the peace of mind they need to remain productive.

Bottom Line

How employees think and feel will always affect the performance of your business. No wonder you should strive to improve their mental health and prevent your company from falling down the pecking order.  In short, design your office for good mental health to give your team an easy time.