Business professionals need an office capable of handling their one-of-a-kind work dynamic. SPACES – City National Plaza (CNP) offers flexible office spaces tailored to fit the needs of entrepreneurs inspired to drive change. 

SPACES-CNP is located in the Financial District at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The pioneering workplace is stationed in a modern skyscraper with an amazing view of the city. Nearby neighbors of the co-working space includes the legendary Staples Center and Los Angeles City Hall. SPACES-CNP is conveniently located near a variety of local restaurant establishments and municipal parks.  

SPACES-CNP offers a co-working membership and dedicated desk options. The workplace also offers private office spaces available for access 24/7 for businesses in need of more flexibility. Meeting rooms are also available for members to reserve when needing a bigger space for collaboration projects. 

SPACES-CNP matches the flow of the city with its fast-paced WiFi and service for clients. The venue provides a friendly and accepting community culture. Networking opportunities are commonly available for members looking for partners to help expand their business. Members have the accessibility to work on projects individually or as a team, depending on their needs. 

Expectations of the office space are frequently exceeded. The workplace serves to inspire creativity in order to enhance innovations and success. Members of SPACES-CNP have the ability to arrange their own and personal business lifestyle. The workplace provides a trustworthy headquarters for companies to conduct business and profoundly flourish. 

SPACES-CNP includes a range of businesses, such as tech startups and public relation firms. Whether an individual entrepreneur or employee of a mid-sized business, SPACES-CNP offers a flexible office place to get work done in an efficient and enjoyable manner. 

Contact Area Manager David Mawer at 213.239.3871 or [email protected] to schedule a tour.


  • Rachel Dares

    Former Newscaster, Columnist, Radio Personality & President of Rachel Dares PR

    Rachel Dares is a former newscaster turned Columnist, Radio Personality, Celebrity Publicist, and is the President of Rachel Dares PR. Rachel Dares PR is a Los Angeles based agency providing full-service PR marketing campaigns, in both the traditional and conventional methods for signed and independent artists, brands, entrepreneurs, actors, pro athletes, authors, speakers & influencers in every field. She is a Contributing Writer for some of the top online publications in North America. She's also one of the newest hosts of "The Next Big Thing Show" on 99.1 KLBP. Rachel is not only versed in publicity, her journalistic background as a former Feature Reporter and Newscaster gives her strength in the field of public relations and a deeper understanding of working with the media.