Oh Breeze, so beautiful, so Divine,

Don’t leave me alone as you are the confidante mine,

I ask you to make me one with you as I find here no solace.

Oh dear breeze, you know it all- I am weary and drowsy so stay with me for I need you when I finally rest,

Give me a ride to see where my beloved is.

Or take me out in dawn to be that freshness of love,

Will you then take me in dusk where stars shine upon?Oh breeze, take me home! Please! Just take me home! Will you?

This was an inspirational writing when I was stuck in the darkness for a while. All I had was the breeze caressing my cheeks with its love and warmth every dawn and dusk. Every night I would sit in my backyard and talk to the freshness and the crisp, hoping to be HOME where I can finally rest.

There were days when I would be desperate to see the BELOVED i.e DIVINE that nothing would solace me. I would be waiting for that gentle whisper hoping to be one with it.

I would share my secrets in a mysterious fashion as one shares with the confidante. Hence there’s a personification of breeze to the beautiful Divine confidante.

Wish you all the love and blessings in life.