woman sitting on the stairs smiling

It’s not just me, right? How many times have you heard that comment and seen the physical disconnect and the eyes point downwards if you don’t say ‘landscapes’ or ‘portraits’?

So, I go in with something different with the intent of either shutting them down or perking their interest up. Just like marmite, you will love me or hate me and there seems to be no middle ground. I have learned to be okay with that and I want to share my life and business hacks with you so you can add them to your ‘Creative Survival Kit’.

Why? Because I want creatives to know that they are entitled to be seen and acknowledged in the same way that a Doctor, CEO or Teacher is.

The reality can be this: your mum dubiously replies when asked, ‘so what does your daughter do?’ oh ‘she is some sort of coach, artist, and author who works with women’ and you really want her to answer ‘she is a successful creative entrepreneur and CEO of her own Company’, there is work to be done!

So here you go, my top five hacks to manage and teach others that you have purpose and intent in your successful creative business……

#Hack 1 – Have a great elevator speech that clearly states what you do and who you help. This very quickly sorts the wheat from the chaff and engages those with interest whilst identifying those who are ‘not your people’. Here is mine as an example:

‘Hi, I’m Mandy and I am a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist & Author, and I help innovative female entrepreneurs to launch, grow, or scale their creative business and make more money.’ If you are not female, an entrepreneur, creative, or want to make more money then you know that I am not for you and I know you are not for me.

NOW, go and write yours!

#Hack 2 – Surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you want to achieve – or who are working towards it. If you are surrounded by people who don’t believe it’s possible or that you are not capable, they will be holding you back from achieving your full potential. You have the innate ability to do anything and it is a harsh fact of life that if you are surrounded by naysayers, then you will doubt yourself. Make some tough decisions and back off from people who are not cheerleading you. One of my amazing mentors once said to me, success leaves clues, it is up to you to find them and take action. You can’t do that unless you surround yourself with successful people.

#Hack 3 – Invest time in building relationships with your potential clients and get to know and love them. That’s right, when you fall in love with your potential client’s it allows you to really understand what they want from you. Try to really get to know them, where do they hang out, where do they shop, how do they feel about themselves, what makes them happy? The more you know the easier it is to engage them with your product or service.

#Hack 4 – Work on YOU first! You are the most important asset and component in your business and if you are not firing on all cylinders and vibrating at a high level, it will be visible to others. Work on your mindset, limiting beliefs, doubts, and insecurities. This is where a great mentor will help. When I work with my clients on my signature program, the Creative Development Program, this is where I start, and I never move into business strategy until we have you believing in YOU!

#Hack 5 – Communicate consistently, always speaking directly to the person you want to help or serve. You want to make them feel like you are talking to them and nobody else. You need them to become a ‘fan’. Think of it like a song that you hear on the radio, you may quite like it the first time you hear it, but you wouldn’t rush to buy the record or go to the concert until you have heard the song again. It can take 7+ times of hearing or seeing you before they even take any notice of you, so be consistent and persistent.

Remember that your biggest fan is you. When you believe in yourself as an Artist, Author, or even a Creative Genius Consultant then this is what others will see and believe. Elevate yourself to the same status and recognition as a Consultant, not a Doctor or a CEO, and not a Manager.

Your innate power shines so brightly that sometimes it blinds you and you can’t see it, but it is there, just waiting for you to flick the switch. If you need help to get there, then look for a mentor that you resonate with and invest in yourself. Because you are amazing, just the way you are.

Love & Colour