Florally crafted, whimsically artistic leaf lei crowns set summer’s explorative bucket list.  

Every time that an island nation’s vividly, colorfully dispersed delegation hugged the television screen upon familiarly hyped introduction, another travel goal readily appeared upon a precursor’s elevated radar. 

Under an emptily, circularly shaped stadium’s impressive, electrically charged firework presentation, manageable magnitude’s leveled heat soared in between united, coastal joint vacation city musts and significant tourist, flock friendly, designated palm tree lined destinations. 

Walking billboard brand trend, decorative uniform clad designed athletes and approachable military express diverse cultural appreciation, a definitive win associated with traditional society’s thoughtfully earned echo. Respective flag creativity flies through refreshingly calm, warm gentle, ripple patterned Friday night winds. 

A softly glancing look of austerity’s plentiful awe skilled thrust witnesses emotions’ natural swell, consistently collaborated in prolifically matching styled masks. Whether creative’s conceivably impromptu dance or a selflessly grinning ear to ear filled, eye provoked, projected smile, simplistic peaked happiness reigned.

Compelling, four hour narrative storytelling captivated from a routinely sophisticated start to finish tale, expectations risen above a convincingly formidable practice. Cameras’ virtually candid athleticism angled fifty logos. Guided surprise flutters a bright flame’s glistening superstar, her country’s resiliently shining, demonstrative, etched namesake. 

Adversity applauds enhanced challenge, lending a helpful voice to promotable advocacy. Compromise benefits in exchange for independent negotiation and strict safety, health protocols. Public tributes flooded honor for victims. Covid 19 and the contagious delta variant has not stopped competition as events continue in their daily precedence. The same exists surrounding media. Families’ disappearances replace sibling activism.

Authenticity revels, even with a distinctly met time gap.