The synchronized timing of a children’s book promoted on national television and a loudly projected, echoed audio of ‘Disney’s,’ ‘The Lion King,’ (poignantly spoken lyrics of ‘The Circle Of Life),’ chilled goosebumps entail. The performance champion lives within. 

Witnessed to a greater moment, the irony of a balanced gymnast’s unique routine greets a story’s magical grace, unraveling from freshly, newly creased page to freshly, newly creased page. 

Young women ably flex an opportunistic muscle, vouching for limited, intimate opportunity awaited halfway around the world, in Tokyo.

A name is much more, an accurately detailed, headlining characterization (a lifestyle, if you will). Unique representation of a female’s personality ranks as the ‘underdog.’ Forget the fact that her last name coincidentally rhymes with the ‘GOAT,’ that’s right, Simone’s (seventh title award winner, hours before June 7th). I can see the hashtag now, #chilesandbiles, representative of Jordan Chiles’ close relationship. ‘Chick’ is pseudo, perfectly synonymous for a fellow relatable, rising star athlete (and a strong, Olympic hopeful at that). That is an understatement. 

Chicago royalty bears a similar resemblance, recognizing the ‘game changer’ and a pivotal fleet of classically, comfortably worn designer sneakers. I guess you could say, ‘nothing but air.’

Studied routine develops the skilled player, elegantly beautiful and resilient in her own way. Not a captivatingly overwhelming shadow, but rather, a willingly worthy, capable mentee, and a lucky protege.

Bedazzled, flourescently shining rhinestones highlight flexibility’s mirrored, exhibited purpose. Besides the fashion forward game, reflection serves on family as nervous and relieved facial expressions are caught on camera. Seldom belief in stardom starts from the bottom, on its storied journey to the top. Not a stone left unturned, artistic apparent care steps in between accounted equipment. Impressive physicality aims at medals’ accomplished, hard fought feats.