When I was getting repeatedly fired by a couple of companies. I had lost hope of getting a job. But, a  platform onboarded me as a content writer. Not only did it provide me assignments to work on, but it also hired me to work on an internal project. This was an exciting opportunity for me and I wanted to provide more valuable work. My editors appreciated my assignment work, and this brought a great deal of happiness, making me feel that I was worth something.

Eventually, I fell in love with the platform and I was doing my work. They provided me a lot of opportunities on writing for different projects and in various niches. I felt relieved after series of downtime with sacking and lack of accomplishments that expanded my knowledge base.

The need to feel appreciated and acknowledged is a dream of many. But, rejections are also important in life as it provides a realistic view about myself and aids me in improving myself. When my efforts were acknowledged, I was on cloud nine.

Sometimes times have been tough, and a friend would convey her difficulties to me. I encouraged her and asked her to apply in a couple of places. When my friend approached me, I never thought I would be of some help to her. This also brought in me a sense of accomplishment as far as humanity is concerned.

When there are repeated gloomy days, sunshine sparks the lost soul. The same thing happened to me when my work was getting recognized and felt I was skilled and talented, that I am getting recognized for my work.

Many of us may have abilities and talents, but a few of us lack the opportunity to show up. By continuously striving and exerting efforts I could eventually make it in a couple of places. This helped me regain my confidence and brought back my lost hope in these long-lasting tough times.