Right now I am in practise of creating more abundance of wealth and love and wellbeing in my Life my Doing Less.

This may sound counter-intuitive,..but in fact it makes sense. When I strive to Do Too Much,..I have found myself exhausted, overwhelmed and worrying.

Hustle has lead to burnout, exhaustion, lack of energy, and a sad and frustrated soul whilst Letting Go has brought support into my Life, more experience of being surrounded by Wealth.

There is a Balance. I need to Generate and Give too. Yet from a place of more powerful Balance and Focus,..I can deliver less which has more Impact to help others and me too.

The most practical change I am making is to Meditate more,..and write about this Journey.

Sometimes my Meditation is just silence, maybe with a timer,..other times a meditation from the Omvana App from MindValley.

I am in an exploration of whether doing Less can actually help me make less mistakes, come across less scattered, be more focussed, and impactful, and actually deliver More. As a practical example, I tweet a lot at KatieAL for environmental and social impact causes, yet so few tweets have been impactful (liked, shared, calls to action taken by readers). As I view this from stepping back it occurs that I can likely have more impact if I can find my true voice, tweet less, but have more impact with each tweet. Less busy, hustle, doing. More speaking from having found my own voice.

Either way Meditation is already delivering me better well-being and happier times and responses from others when I find the discipline to meditate.

So I shall pursue the quiet path.



Going within to hear Guidance.

Allow the Universe or God or Mother Nature to support me to deliver and receive more abundance by Doing Less.