Audio Version: On Fear. Read by Author.

by Alexandra Gorn for Unsplash

Fear. It is a powerful, debilitating and contagious emotion. Powerful, because it can consume us – our minds and our time. Debilitating, because it can cease our forward motion and progress. The very forward motion and progress, often, that can remedy our situation or meet our concerns head on and crush them into oblivion. Contagious because fear lies within all of us, albeit the littlest versions of us. It spreads easily because it only needs a little recognition or encouragement for it to blossom and grow out of control. Interesting to note that fear is also the root of our most negative and unattractive emotions: anger, resentment, jealousy, hate, judgement. And we have all witnessed how fast those emotions can take us over, historically, collectively and individually.

The unpredictability of this world-wide pandemic has stirred the proverbial pot of fear and understandably so. We are all human and fear is a human construct. Faith is the antidote to fear, but that word carries too many unique connotations to serve this universal message. What we all need is a wake up call about how to tackle fear, and here it is: it is under your control. 

Fear is the simple action of letting your brain and its programming take you over. It’s like sitting in the back seat of your car and handing your keys over to a blind, crazy obsessive maniac. They can’t see where they are going and you are helplessly along for the ride.

So, how do you deal with fear? You need to declare war and battle that sucker down. Look at it like an unruly house guest you need to show out the door or kick to the curb. Here’s some tips I use when fear steps in:

  1. I ask it directly, “Who invited you?” then I search for where this particular fear originated: Does it belong to someone else but they expressed it to me and now I own it? (this happens to me a lot lately). Did I inherit it from my parents? (a lot of what we absorbed from our upbringing lies unconscious until something triggers it). Is it part of my past that I do not wish to repeat again? (I’m guilty of this, too, but this is very irrational because the past doesn’t dictate your future).
  2. Next, I ask: “What are you here to teach me?” If it is a lesson of letting go of a negative thought that doesn’t serve me, I remind myself that I am in complete control of my mind and the loop it is being programmed to play. If I cannot self-correct, I turn to a guided meditation, lately something filled with messages of positivity and glowing health. I do this immediately. Literally drop everything – most especially if I’m tossing and turning in bed – and play a meditation.
  3. Sometimes fear can serve you as a healthy stimulant that begs us to take the next step. Granted, this typically happens when we’ve ignored our own inner calling and wisdom, resulting in this more dramatic attempt to get our attention. Regardless, if you have searched and discovered that this fear is of your own making and you’ve been using it as a crutch to stay in your comfortable stasis – refusing to take action because you what, FEAR FAILURE? Friends, this is the subject of an entire other blog. Suffice it to say, you are being asked to take the next step. Listen to it. Honor it. Do it. The reason it is on repeat for you is because it is what you are meant to do
  4. Don’t jump in the pool. Everywhere you look or turn or listen, you are being inundated with information. Use this judiciously. Take what you need, but leave the rest. Don’t get in the water. You will only find yourself surrounded by other desperate minds who are scrambling to get out. You can drown in that shit. Walk away. Get out your wipes and wipe down your door handles and counter tops and mailboxes instead.
  5. Guaranteed to abolish fear is gratitude and servitude. Lessen your world-view scope and break it down into the tiniest baby-steps. What are you most grateful for today? Make a list. Say it out loud. Close your eyes and feel this gratitude deeply.

Now you have calmed yourself into something resembling peace or bliss, how can you make someone else’s day just a little bit easier or brighter? Got something? Good. Go do it.

Stay safe, everyone. Sending you all positive healing energy. If I can help you personally with a private session, drop me an email at [email protected]. I’m here to serve.


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