Love is such an overused word in the world and also greatly misunderstood. You look at the amount of music in the world, it is mostly declaration for love or someone seeking love, or someone in love or someone having lost love or given up on love. The amount of literature about love, novels, movies, series, documentaries, television shows only to mention a few, is so vastly wide spread that it leads to question the very definition of love

Love is the greatest need for us as human beings. For what is it to you to gain the whole world and not have one to share it and what is it to you to be fallen with sorrow, trials and mishaps of life and not have love around you to help you, comfort you and urge you on? Those who have given up on life and taken their very life, if they wrote a suicide note, will summary that they felt so alone. It was not that they failed in life but it was that they could not find love or felt rejected and dejected and no one could ever love them. Yet when we read such, we feel for them and conclude that if only they had been loved or realized the love around them, the narrative would be different.

Love makes the difference, for those who have succeeded in the trade they have chosen be it career, business, family matters or spiritual matters. They simply love what they do or are passionate about what they do and thus do it to the very best of their ability. Simply being in love makes everything worthwhile, when you love what you do, you will immerse yourself in doing it regardless of reward.  You simply do what you do because you love, you simply choose that someone simply because you love them. Loving something or someone makes life worthwhile.

Therefore Sir Brian you have alluded to the importance of love and yet have not defined love for us. My task is not in defining love for you but this is a narrative on finding love. How can l find that mysterious thing called love? The greatest desire of humanity is to be loved and to give out love. Love is not found in receiving but it is found in giving.

The bible says that for GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that who so ever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. When in love we detach ourselves from the picture and it becomes less about us but more about the love our life, our families our communities or our fellow human beings or the earth and universe at large. The best way to find love is to forget about yourself and to reach out in love, to help out and serve. We do not attract what we want in life but we attract what we are. Jesus says that love your neighbour as you love yourself, thus for me to love externally l must learn to love internally.

We live in a world now where if you love me, like my picture like my post, follow me on my social media etc. Maybe when the outside world believes l am happy then l can convince myself l am happy. If l am accepted and loved by the world then l can accept and love myself as l am. This is a sure recipe for disaster, because love and acceptance is an inherent thing, even if everyone loves you and accepts you but you if do not love yourself and accept you. You will always be out of place even in the crowds of your loved ones. You are beautiful, handsome, you are good enough not because someone says so but simply because you are and you tell yourself. All the validation you need is in your mind and heart.

We all are like flowers longing to show forth our beauty, we want to sing our song to the world and show forth the love that makes our very hearts beat. Yet like flowers beset with rain and insects and thus the flower closes its beauty. We search for someone who can love us, who can be trusted with the revelation of ourselves without rejecting us. We look forward to being loved, only to experience the very opposite, rejection and heartbreak and thus we close our hearts. We fill that void with fear, guilty, anger, resentment and a sense of inadequacy and feeling all alone when in essence we are never alone. We convince ourselves saying, “There is no one l can to talk to, no one l can open up for no one understands me”

Yet there is one who cares, they is someone who will never leave you or forsake you. There is one who loved to the very point of laying down His life for you. You mean the world to Him. He loves you and accepts you as you are. He forgives you and teaches you to forgive and to once again open your heart.  He says l stand at the door of your heart and knock, won’t you open and let him and that is greatest narrative of the world, child you are loved and because you are loved, feel free to give out love. For love makes life worthwhile.

#Sir Brian Robert Koga