“Go with the flow”

People will hear me say that all of the time now.

What does it mean to me?

To me, it means to embrace uncertainty, live in the moment, surrender and stop trying to control everything.

It means to have no plans in a world filled with “planners”.

People who try to plan every second of their day trying to accomplish “goals”. Go with the flow, contrarily, means to stop constantly thinking. It does not mean to not set goals–but rather stop thinking all the time about accomplishing some metric or goal.

How to Go With the Flow

Let me preface this with: when was the last time you went and did something arbitrarily? For no other reason than to just do it? Not to cross it off your agenda, not to accomplish a goal, not to tell your friends..but to do it for the sheer fact of just doing it?

Well, I am here today to teach you how to go with the flow. I want to show you that it is okay to step outside for the simple pleasure of stepping outside and not to go do something. Society has indoctrinated us to believe that we have to always be busy, plan and do things. I challenge that by saying it is okay…to go somewhere with no plans.

Go with the flow means surrendering control. Stop trying to control everything and just do things. Stop trying to control people’s perception of me. It is very liberating. I feel free. Doing things because I want to do it and not because I want other people to see. Not trying to get other people to like me.

It means being honest. Go with the flow is be honest–accept the reactions and jump on the opportunities. Be an honest expression of yourself and just flow.

It means embracing that life is chaotic and expecting that plans sometimes will not fall through and that is okay. Having no expectations, and just “being” in the world, you will slowly start to realize that it is okay to just…well….just be.

I challenge you to stop feeling like you have to plan everything out and just “be” for a week. It will be weird at first. You will feel anxious. You will feel like you need to move around or itch to go do something. That feeling will pass.

What will replace that feeling is a freedom. A freedom to just be okay with not thinking or planning out every detail.

Try it out. Just go do things for no other reason than to do them. Go hike a mountain. Go climb a tree. Go rent a photo booth from a photo booth rental company and take pictures with your friends just because you can.

This will hopefully put the message out there that..life is chaotic, and things will work out. It is okay to not know things and just well live.