Everyone has a story. Some people have more than one, but deep down, there is something to be uncovered in all of us.
I’ve been in many schools, and have worked with thousands of children. One common theme rings true with every single child; they all want to do good.
Kindness comes from the heart so easily for some. Others? Well, just look at the news, or on social media today. Kindness has become lost and sunken so deep, it is like trying to raise the Titanic.
Because each child AND adult has a unique story, the trait of kindness can take so long to be brought to the surface, but, as a society, it must be on the forefront for all of us. People have been hurt, broken, abused, betrayed, abandoned, misled and so much more, that the depth of pain varies for all of us. That is why it is imperative to act now with intentional good, and kindness for all.
In the book, One Drop of Kindness, our main character, Gus, goes on a journey of being an abandoned boy full of hatred and despair to finding Kindness in his heart, and spreading drops for all to see. It is this message that I tried to convey my own struggles throughout my life. Not only was I hurt, unkind, and dejected at times as a child AND adult, I did many hurtful things as well! Unfortunately (and then fortunately once you meet our friend, Truly), many things that take place in the book, actually happen at schools all over the world.
With World Kindness Day coming up on November 13, 2019, I would like to present you with a challenge: Be intentional and mindful daily about how you treat others and yourself. Pause before you react, and then use kind words. Be intentional with your actions and let kind acts takeover. Use the domino, or ripple effect, and challenge others to use kind words, or simple random and kind acts. Things such as; opening doors for others, giving up a seat on a bus or train, helping someone cross the street, offer to give a sandwich or drink to someone, pay the toll on the bridge for the car behind you, pick up trash at a school, park or community area.
Kindness isn’t rocket science, but remember that for some, it is a heavy task, and so difficult at times. Be patient and show everyone you know, and even strangers, that kindness can win and takeover the pain, hatred, and frustration of the world.
Check out my book, One Drop of Kindness – HERE, or go to my website for FREE resources on Kindness and for World Kindness Day, HERE.
Together, we can create Drops of Kindness and change the world!

Jeff Kubiak
Educator, Author, Speaker, Advocate for All Kids