“One man’s concerns are another’s joy. Such is the paradox of life” I am troubled by what I see in the world. Not troubled to the point that I don’t believe we will get this right, but troubled by the fact that we seem to be trying to get it right by swinging from one side to the other as if there are only two options available to us.

There is the truth, which is what I believe we all want and will eventually realize. The appearance is you must be either for this or against that and that everything and anything put forth that does not agree with one’s beliefs, way of thinking or agenda is somehow a conspiracy.

Yes, there are a lot of conspiracy theories that have been put forth about what this or that group is trying to do to undermine humanity and enslave us to some controlled way of living and thinking. And yet, to me the real conspiracy is how we are so easily swayed to believe one point of view over another while proclaiming it to be the truth.

How or why is it that so many will believe a person or a group who makes videos, conducts interviews or writes blogs as knowing the truth over the other side who is also making videos, conducting interviews and writing blogs? What makes one more truthful than another, because you believe it is so?

There are claims and substantial evidence on both sides that would support what is being claimed as the truth. But is it? How do you know? What makes the person or organization you believe more truthful than another?

And of course, the information, whether truthful or not, is perpetuated throughout social media at a speed that is unfathomable. In a time when the average person can manipulate photos, videos and audio recordings to suit their need, we see a headline or photo that catches our eye and imagination and “share” it as if it is the truth without verifying its authenticity.

Is this done because it makes one feel important or part of a larger cause, or that they fit in with others who are also trying to fit in and feel like they are part of a much larger cause?

Have you noticed that many, if not most, of the people making videos and being interviewed are angry people? I don’t mean angry in the sense they are passionate about what they are purporting, but just angry in general. Have you ever checked the background of some of the folks that are gaining large followings because of their contrary positions?

I am not saying one is right or wrong, just saying that we give people way too much credit (and power) for being an authority on something because they can make an impassioned presentation. What we are experiencing now is an unprecedented degree of gaslighting. Say something enough, or have it repeated or shared enough and people accept it as true, or at the very least question themselves.

What I find interesting are people who continuously tell others to wake up as if they themselves have awoken. An awakened, or more truthfully stated, awakening person, in my opinion and belief, is one who sees life from a higher perspective and doesn’t get drawn into the drama of one extreme over another. Discernment of truth is paramount. Not discernment based on what others say or have said, but discernment for oneself through their own process of discernment.

Awakening people don’t feel the need to tell others to “wake up” or how to live. They know that awakening is a personal process each Soul undergoes in its realization of its truth on the path to the realization of “the Truth.”

While I am concerned about where we are now as a society and humanity at large, I also know that what we are experiencing is necessary for our individual and collective awareness. It is only out of awareness anything can be done about anything. Out of awareness comes greater understanding and wisdom. Awareness allows love, peace, joy, happiness, and yes, Truth, to be experienced and expressed.

Discernment is imperative, individually, and collectively. It will not stop conspiracy theories or misinformation from being promulgated. However, it will create the space necessary for the Truth to be realized.