Starting from a young age, music has been a central part of Adrian Jauregui’s life as he grew up in a household of musical talents. From watching his brother DJ and his sister sing, Jauregui knew music was his passion—especially seeing his father, who was also a musician, and that inspires him to stay connected to something that means a lot to him.

At the age of 10, Jauregui attended the Los Angeles Music and Arts School in East Los Angeles, knowing his passion for music would continue to flourish. Jauregui began his career as a percussionist, but then he slowly began gravitating towards singing, songwriting, and eventually producing his own music.

Jauregui claims that his musical influences are like listening to your iPod on shuffle mode with so many genres flooding your ears. What sets Jauregui apart and makes his sound unique is his way of visual storytelling and subtle singing. Artists like LAUV, H.E.R, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Linkin Park have the biggest on Jauregui as he develops his own unique sound.

In the music industry, artists experience all kinds of rejection, uncertainty, and failure in the process of creating and promoting their music. After a few years down the line, Jauregui realized how mental health plays a huge role when you’re a musician. He claims the most difficult aspect in launching a career in music is emotional support, it’s tough to be vulnerable and getting in front of a crowd to show the world your art.

However, this won’t back Jauregui down from continuing to pursue his career in music. He’s reflected that the key thing about this industry is focusing on your craft and not popularity or numbers. Jauregui realized that everyone has their own path and their defeats and successes arrive in different time periods in their career. When Jauregui finds himself defeated, he remembers to check in and remind himself that everything is okay because he gets to do what he loves everyday—-creating new content.

Being locked in his home this year during quarantine has given Jauregui the opportunity to improve on his songwriting, producing, and visual art skills. This time has given Jauregui the chance to reflect on himself and experiment with new sounds for his fans to hear—and that is coming just around the corner. Jauregui is currently working on a new acoustic single and finishing a collective indie label called “Touch of Art,” set to release this October.

After both projects are released, Jauregui doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. His main goal is to create a community of artists that can support one another to push out new projects ranging from music to visual arts and everything in between.

“Word of advice: be your biggest fan and remind yourself everyone started at zero,” Jauregui claims.