Pranjal Salecha

Pranjal Salecha, a renowned blogger in India has worked her way hard to stand out among the thousands of bloggers in today’s time. There’s a saying that saying beautiful things to a plant daily helps them grow, imagine what it does to people. One of the keys to success in life is believing in yourself. When other people ask you about your goals, don’t be afraid. Stand tall and say it out loud. After all, there are a lot of people in the world today who are actually living the dream. People might laugh and look at you funny, but that’s okay. Because once you’re at the pinnacle of success, it will finally be your time to laugh.

Pranjal Salecha’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. Her parents weren’t sure if blogging will be a good career or not as it was just evolving at that time. With her success, she showed her parents how it could shape not only a person’s career but also their personality. She also tells people how anyone can become a blogger if they understand beauty, fashion or love travelling.

We are all unique and special in one way or another. You have special talents that other’s don’t have. We need to find out what they are and capitalize on it. Find your passion and happiness will follow. There’re people out there right know not exercising they’re gifts working in jobs they hate. Sometimes we accept jobs only for the money. You need to find what your passion is. If it feels more like a hobby then you’re on the right track. It’s not supposed to feel like work she said.

She says, “If you think you can spend your days and nights bring out the best of you; you should go for it. It’s not easy, but it is not an impossible job. You not only have to be original but also make your content appear peculiar and engaging. Just believe in yourself and go ahead. It is a rocky journey at times, but if you are passionate about it, you will flourish.”