One Simple Tip To Always Be A Winner And Avoid Victimhood Forever... Dre Baldwin

Victims look out the window. 

There must be someone, somewhere, who’s responsible for where the victim ends up. 

“Yes, it’s my life to live,” says the victim, “but…” 

For victims, there’s always a “but.” Victims don’t want ownership of their position

The good thing about looking out the window: look hard, long or wide enough, and you’ll always find someone or something to point to. 

The bad thing about the window: you can never fully control what you see on the other side of the glass. 

Winners look in the mirror. 

Every situation, outcome and hand they play, the winner focuses most on what they can do to influence things. 

“Yes, it’s my life to live,” says the victim, “and…” 

For winners, there’s always “and.” Winners not only take ownership of their position, they seek out more ways to be responsible for themselves. 

The good thing about looking in the mirror: you can always control what you see. 

The bad thing about the mirror: it’s a lot of responsibility, and you’re never quite “off the hook” for your circumstances. Even when it’s not your fault, it’s still your responsibility. 

Winning is hard. Victimhood is easy. 

Choose a side. 

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