Listening helps us learn more rather than talking. When we talk, we are repeating what we already know, different people have different skills and abilities, listening to them broadens our perspective of the world. Earlier, I used to listen to respond, gradually inculcated a habit of listening to others that would enhance my views and knowledge about the world. 

Listening with attention makes the other person feel respected and heard; enabling them to open up about their issues. When we discuss current events there may be confusion, these can be avoided by listening and responding appropriately. 

Listening also increases our ability to pay attention to body cues along with verbal interaction. When we listen more, we receive and understand what they are trying to say. Listening also brings in more input and enhances clarity in our thinking process. Active listeners are great learners. Learning increases our knowledge about the world and people. 

Tips for listening

  • Make eye contact and do not let your mind wander
  • Do not walk around when a person is talking 
  • Sit in a place and pay attention to what they are saying
  • Understand their viewpoints 
  • Pay attention to their body language and intentions 

Listening is a good way for exchange of information.