The Universe. It’s a trip.

Of course, it is. How could it be anything else? You are constantly moving through it, at light speeds and through cosmic weeds, gaining ground at the speed of sound, and all the while you have not moved at all. You are in the exactly the same place you started, in an infinite space of nothing and everything, all at an amazing once.

That’s a huge idea.

And, I’ve been thinking about it lately.

For instance, right now do you realize that we are living in synergistic time of confluent cause and effects, careful comrades of the cosmos and casual revolutionaries who rarely speak in anything but code? (And there is a code written in the folds and flaps of the universe. you just need to find it.)

Sounds right?

I don’t trust those deliberate dudes. No instead, I spend my time deep in thought, in a fight well fought, with a fish never caught, searching for clues, re-negotiating the blues, and scanning the universe for all possible points of views.

Nothing unusual, unbalanced, or unnatural, but just purposeful preponderance and preoccupation of my time, head space, and attention.

And that is what really matters in the universe. Where you choose to look.

It is in the deciding that makes the difference. Everything else is toys and noise.

Try this. Take a look at your place in the universe right now. No filters, excuses or back stories. Are you happy with what you see? Are you complete? DO you even truly and fully understand what is going on? Can you make sense of any of it?

It’s fine. None of us have a handle on it.

But we are going places, man. I can feel it. The stars have aligned and are spelling out a new road map, sending out a bat signal of hope. All we gotta do is step on the gas, look at what WILL BE and not what was, and just drive. There are no winners or losers in this quantum non-linear space race.

Let’s go.

I know you have been thinking about divine destinations, flights of fortune and altitudes of awareness. You know that in the biggest picture, it’s the trip that means everything. But, let’s not get too deep into the details.

Not yet.

Yes, sir, you have many options. Life/The Universe is designed to give you a dutiful day-glow menu of possibility and chance happenings. Each star is a possible reality.

A frenetic stock market of experiences, each one coming straight at YOU at times that you can’t predict, but always at the exact right time when you need them – if you pay attention.

You can resist them, kick at them, yell in their ears, hold back the tears, or you can let them wash over you like critical mass waves of wisdom, and you learn from them. They can teach you if you listen with intent and pure heart.

You study how the waves of experiences dance, collide, sparkle and create the symphony of super-sonic sense, and the story of your life. And the learning part is what makes YOU divine. Eventually.

That is why we are here.

That’s the trip. Take a sip.

Yes. There are lots of things competing for your focus. The world is full of targets for your time.

You can experience it ALL in real-life, a 3D sermon, punched at you with surround sound, in a time-bomb-bound offer, with the super realism of sights and smells of the full, unmitigated, and never duplicated singular true-blue universal human experience.

What a trip. And it is all there for you, and you only, if you just open your mind.

And you need to feed this notion, heed the warning and ride the storming, if you are ever going to make it through this narrative of narcissism that we have been spinning out of control.

It is critical that you REALLY get THIS, and let go of THAT, if you ever plan to fully break on through, and shake off this mortal prison of flesh and bone, and challenge the rules of stick and stone.

It is really your mind that defines who you are, wins the war, and pushes you through to the next level. And BTW, your mind is just a dimensional manifestation of the universe, a cloudy embryo of your spirit self, the alpha angel that is you.

Very soon, you will discover what you can’t decipher, and we will do this eventually as we make our way through your own personal Milky Way.

Some of us have been told the big secret that you learn at the end, by people who have been there and back, to infinity and beyond, or by those with such laser-like insight, that they see past the noisy dots of our day-to-day and get right to the point.

Yes. There are an infinite number of universes and we just travel though them. Forever. Like captive astronauts, buckled up in the time-space loop de loop of light waves and dark matter.

We may or may not be aware of it, but it really doesn’t make a difference. Meh. All you can do is just take the ride, for what it is worth, because you bought the ticket, anyway, and so we just keep on keeping on.

One universe at a time.


  • Paul is: a writer, past academic dean, national affairs advisor, conference founder and public broadcasting advocate.