Nowadays, subjects like online privacy and being able to secure your digital data are sensitive. With a world-embracing more and more the digital life, where everyone can access all kinds of information about anybody, the fear of not being able to feel secure is growing day by day. That’s why online data privacy is becoming a luxury, yet a thing that everyone should afford it. 

Online privacy should be treated exactly like the one in real life. Everyone should have the right to data privacy, even when they are surfing on the internet. People might feel uncomfortable with the fact that someone gathers their data and use it for other purposes. However, 81% know that they don’t control their data in a recent poll of American internet users. Yet, they are still posting personal assets and are giving their information about themselves. Thus, people should have control over their personal or more sensitive information.  Or at least have the comfortable feeling of being safe. 

How can people have online privacy?

The evolution technology has sharp edges. On the one hand, it is helping our societies to evolve and make our life easier, but on the other hand, it is the one that disturbs our privacy. It is hard to swim in this digital ocean without safety measures. Thus, how can people deal with this and still using technology to have their online privacy back?

Use technology to bring back your privacy

At this point, people can use technology for their benefit and only for good purposes, like having their online privacy back. However, the tech industry has created some great products or tools that can be used for our different needs. 

First, you must secure all your devices, like buying an antivirus subscription. Unfortunately, people tend to use cracked versions living with the false idea that it is alright, and their devices and data are protected. 

Then you must secure all your accounts. We all agree that data breaches and password leaks are not strange subjects for us in the last few years. Moreover, many people have lousy password behavior. Either we create long passwords that we forget in the next minute, either we make short and unsecured passwords. For your privacy and safety, you should use a good password manager like LastPass or 1Password. These tools are meant to help people generate stronger passwords, monitor their accounts for data breaches, and offer a bite of safety feeling. 

Another excellent solution for your online privacy can be a VPN service. A tool like this will create a secure connection between the user and the internet. It will give you an extra layer of privacy and anonymity. Your internet traffic is enclosed in a secret tunnel where your data is encrypted and kept safe. There are a lot of great VPN tools on the market like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or Surfshark.

Therefore, people can use technology in their favor to take back their online privacy if they use the right tools. Before purchasing any subscription, inform, read reviews on dedicated websites, and after that, make the best decision for your privacy’s sake. 

Even though online data privacy is a disputed subject, there are solutions to be used if you want to have the luxury of safety. Technology has taken privacy from us, yet technology is creating the right tools to take it back. More than this, people should be more careful with what kind of information they are sharing or the accounts they are creating. Online privacy is a right that people should have, and the internet should respect it.