Tobias Friedrich photographs freediver Anna von Boetticher swimming with icebergs.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak schools like other public arenas are closed but a wonderful side effect of this important health measure is the rise of online education.

Creative bite-sized lessons about nature and science have emerged because of self-isolation. Here are a few I have found uplifting and those which are freely available to everyone. However, I am sure there will be many more to come if the popularity of this format is any sign of how people are embracing educational content.

Ocean School is a groundbreaking educational experience that uses powerful storytelling techniques, immersive technologies, and interactive media. Its inquiry-based approach advances critical thinking, innovation, and environmental awareness. Still expanding their content, this online resource shows promise as an effective and engaging way to teach children (and adults, though not aimed at them) about the ocean science. There are also lively Instagram posts by the cofounders of SeaLegacy, Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen #oceanschool.

BEJournal is dedicated to making the natural world accessible to everyone, providing open-access to their online discovery journal. The library has 48 issues to explore with the latest edition all about the ocean. Using visual storytelling as the medium to teach people about science, exploration and nature and inspire a deeper connection to the natural world.

Dive in and explore the Ocean for fee @

Wildlife photographer Suzie Eszterhas is another welcomed source of facts and insights into nature. She posts photos with behind the image stories that are both factual and fascinating.

Amos Nachoum is another wildlife photographer sharing short documentaries and visual-stories through his Instagram feed.

Well known as a pioneer of wildlife conservation and research, Dr. Jane Goodall posts about a range of inspirational and insightful nature topics.

For a reliable source of knowledge-based posts, National Geographic continues to excel (I would advise children view the content with their parents, who can discern if a topic is too confronting).

Thanks to these online resources, everyone can now enjoy a little nature where-ever they are. 

Stay safe and healthy but never stop exploring.