Our lives become what we make of it, and the journey of Mads Kristensen is evident proof. His life has been an interesting one, and we can learn a great deal from how he managed to turn things around for himself. He currently lives in Flensburg, Germany but was born in Viborg, Denmark. Kristensen is a workaholic and is obsessed with sports and cars. As an entrepreneur, he is involved with many businesses in different industries. Some of his businesses include a bar, disco, tattoo parlors, fight events, and construction. He currently owns the biggest tattoo parlor chain (Tattoo Fashion) in the world. There are branches in Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden. 

Although he came from a beautiful family where his parents loved him and his sister, he was perceived as a troublesome teenager and young adult. In fact, he got thrown out from 11 different schools due to his behavior. His mother had to start teaching him at home since he cannot be accepted in schools. At a point, his father had to dissociate himself from his son due to his associations and actions. Kristensen lived a life of complacency but had to recount his steps and made the needed change of decision that made him the man he is today. This reinforced his belief that we are the only ones that can bring the needed change we desire in our lives. 

Kristensen made his pro debut as a professional boxer in November 2019 in Denmark. He has also taken part in kickboxing and MMA. As an entertainer in Denmark, he had appeared on different TV shows, and the most notable was the “laekker til love & Familien fra Bryggen.” His motto is “giving up is not an option.” Such mindset helped him navigate through the tough times of life where he would have given up on his dream ordinarily. According to him, it pays always to take chances whenever they come your way. He also pointed out the importance of having role models in his life. In his fighting career, he had the likes of Mike Tyson, Lewis Lennox, and Roberto Duran as role models. When it comes to running his other business establishments, Manny Khoshbin is his role model, and they share a lot of things in common. He has always believed that he can be whatever he wants to be, and nobody can stop him. This is the mindset of winners, and we all need to cultivate such a mental framework. 

Despite his busy business schedule and engagements, Kristensen still finds time to take care of the less privileged in the community. He offers donations to the homeless, the poor, animal centers, etc. During celebrations like Christmas, he gives presents and gifts to families that cannot afford to provide for themselves. He has continued to put smiles on the faces of many in Denmark and even in his current community in Germany. His advice to you reading this article, “always consider your actions today because they will shape your life in the future. Live the life that your future self will be proud of.”