I went with my mother most of the time to Washington University to see the doctor when she used to complain about what took some time before she was diagnosed as having MS.

I did not believe anything was wrong with my mother because she looked fine to me.

This is why you should never judge the book by the cover.

My mom gradually started having difficulty with mobility, balance & eventually her walking.  She was always fatigued and complained of being or feeling extremely tired.

Then I began seeing her dexterity challenges and inability to perform tasks with her hands. Then the cognitive changes got worse.

I sat and observed our mother go from a woman who loved to shop all of the time, made most of all our clothes by hand, rarely using a pattern, making all kinds of brides wedding gowns, knowing how to repair just about anything around the house to being wheelchair bound and then bed-bound losing all control of her bodily organs.

What I really noticed early on but she really didn’t complain that much but you could see it in her face was the muscle spasms and pain which I have myself from time to time.  Then the most dreadful and sad thing happened is when God had me to learn just enough about nursing and taking care of the sick was the bladder and bowel problems.

When my mother became really sick, I literally had to pull her feces out with gloved hands so that she could live or she could have died.

My mother was a very clean person, therefore, we let home nurses go and I stepped in to take care of my mother and I knew what would make her feel better and she would always smile after I gave her good bathing.

Then what really saddened us all is we she became legally blind, yes, MS is a dreadful autoimmune disease which by me doing much research and seeing how Dr. Terri Wahl’s healed herself requires not giving up!

I have lots of questions for those of you out there that think putting your loved one in a nursing home is the right thing to do because it isn’t.

Is it worth caring for your loved one keeping them out of a nursing home?  Are you working and not getting paid for being a nurse for a very sick patient not caring because it is a loved one?  Are you missing out spending time with a loved one when they get sick because they are sick and you just think somebody else will give them better care?  Is it a blessing to spend those last times with a sick loved one? Is it a blessing to be with your loved ones when they take their last breaths? Are you getting rest while taking care of your loved one?

What does this all mean?

Well after doing through it all I have one word: God!

My mother would have better good days when she was younger than bad days but as she and I got older things started faltering.  We would think she was getting better and then her symptoms would change and or completely change their course. I don’t wish this deadly disease on anyone!  It was a challenge for my mother to live from day to day and I could see her getting more depressed and disgusted because she could not take care of herself. This was a woman who took care of everybody else and when you asked her to make your wedding gown, she had you.  

I can actually say by taking care of my mother, watching her well-being decline day by day that when she took her last breath I was relieved that she was relieved.  This disease was a tricky one because when I use to go to the doctor with her many doctors would actually say that nothing was wrong with my mother.

I often wonder if they had known enough about the disease itself if she would not still be here.  

Now is the time to take inventory and the time to begin to pay attention to what is going on around us and watch and see with your own eyes that there are real people beating diseases and to beat this disease, MS is a healing miracle by God to be thankful for and this is what Dr. Teri Wahl’s has done to give us all hope that any disease can be beat when we heal what is necessary and that is the mitochondria.  

You may be saying what the hell is that? Well, I won’t talk much about it, but I can say this much from experience that it is true and when the body cells are healed of all of the toxins, poisons, chemicals from the body, the body can heal itself, like God intended when we begin to put into our body what God has so graciously supplied for our sustenance and healing

She Sacrificed Her Life For Her Children

Right after my mother passed I began doing some digging around and reading about how MS gets worse and why did the doctors not detect it until it was almost too late.

Well, first I now know that we and only we know our bodies and there are no test in this world that can detect an autoimmune disease right away.

This leads me to believe that it is something which my mother did to make the progression of MS to worsen.

You will never believe what I found out and I had known this all the time and have mentioned quite a few times.

The odd thing is that I am not a doctor, scientist or none of those which make people believe you have to be to know anything that is going on with your body.

No, we know our own bodies and we know what is going because we feel things happening but sometimes we just don’t take what we feel as something that is beginning to happen to our bodies.

Anyway, I found that while my mother was having babies and each time she carried one, it raised the chance that her body would begin attacking itself with autoimmune disease. Each time she had a child that child’s cells flooded into my mother’s blood and set off her disorder, hers being MS.  

Now, though there are still doubts that this is true, I have faulted me being born as progressing her MS and I was the first who began the vicious cycle.  I know you don’t care what I believe but I am paying attention and also believed this when I began paying attention to what happened to me and I was born with Asthma & Scoliosis, but as I got older and had one child to live and one not, that in 1999 I was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), also an autoimmune disease, which they say are no cures, but I take no medications and stopped in 2010 and I am 65 years of age and take no prescription drugs but suffer from nerve pain that has decreased since using Kangen water in 2010 and now using CBD it is lessening and lessening each day.

So, what I want to know is the question of whether pregnancy might be the culprit that triggers these autoimmune diseases?

Why are there so many cases of the autoimmune disease in the United States?

As of 2017, the United States of America population is 325.7 million and out of that count over 50 million people have an autoimmune disease! Wow…

$581 million dollars is spent by the NIH on AD research compared to the $6.1 billion spent on cancer.

In laymen term “Autoimmune Disease” right now is a health crisis facing critical obstacles in diagnosis!

I did a published research paper a while back “The Woman Who Knew Too Much,” where Dr. Alice Stewart links x-ray radiation exposure to disease. We might want to research and go back and read her papers?

She was surprised when she conducted a survey that children of mothers who had been xrayed were almost twice likely to have babies with cancer.  Now, she went on even further to find that lose dose of xray exposed to the unborn fetus caused baby to be born with an autoimmune disease.

Now, of course, she was not believed and after all, she was a woman, but I feel we still are blaming everything but what we are doing to ourselves and to our unborn children. We may be the blame for things happening to our unborn children by not be paying attention to what we are exposing our fetuses to and why being around certain exposures may not be good for the unborn baby and not good for own health as well. i.e. ultrasounds, etc.

Scientists have found that from research that the cells from unborn fetuses begin circulating in a mother’s blood early in the pregnancy and can be found by doing a bone marrow and other tissues of these women for decades afterward.  They speculated that in attacking these foreign cells, the body inadvertently attacks itself as well., So the act of giving birth can lead blood from the unborn fetus to mingle with that of the mothers, especially in the case of cesarean sections, where more blood crosses the placenta into the woman.  

In conclusion, in all the more understanding why immune system sickness or disease may create after pregnancy might be useful to those arranging or structuring treatments for these different issues of various autoimmune disorders. Opening my eyes to what is happening is my task until the day I bite the dust. Things being what they are, to all you analysts, specialists and researcher out there we have our work cut out for us, isn’t that right?


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