If you are not familiar with my work. I am a Habit Strategist. Something I love to do is make content practical. I take my favorite podcasts, books, speeches, articles, etc and I provide the habit I have implemented into my life post consumption.

This week’s content is Operation Minor Momentum.

OMM is all about taking the smallest possible step to get to your ideal outcome. 

One of our incredible OM member’s, Kayla, used OMM to find her perfect puppy. Her simple step was reaching out to five breeders and a week later she had her pup! Houston is in the headline picture.

Below is another (less fun) example of leveraging OMM to win! 

If you need to start getting some business wins, what’s one win you can quickly get to achieve some momentum?

Examples of Small Wins:

  • Cleaning your kitchen
  • Getting in a good sweat session
  • Finishing that book you only have a few chapters left in
  • Calling one person you need to get back to

When You Want to Create Momentum 

  1. Know Your Outcome
  2. Take the smallest possible step
  3. Remember that R.O.D (5:07)

Rooting for you,