These new generations can never judge me when they don’t know me very well, the history I have been in, the journey I lived, and the crowds I meet with. You can never judge a person when you know, you don’t know them well. I have been with a lot of people and am still honest with them, showed them some love, my help, my support, and so on. still, I remain a man Ayuel and am so proud to be who I am today.

My father told me that to “never and ever judge someone, no matter what they do to you, still be yourself and remain man as a hustler for your life, because you don’t know, what situations they are been hold on with.” so be a wise man and show them, love. Till now today, I am still proud to show everybody love, unite and even if God open everything for me then there is no need for everybody to be worry because we are about to work together and build our future together.

I am not a famous person or greater, but all I do is for myself, my family, my brothers, and sisters, and my friends too. why you are not happy with whatever you’re doing today when you know that you’re the only one who is going to make work and happen. Never, never forget me and no even me myself Ayuel, cause you don’t know what I doing today or why I do it today. I am not a jealous person for I lived my life as I want to live and put everything in God’s hands.

An as a strong man grown up in a hard life, work hard for tomorrow and still be patient for everything to be. This is me, you don’t really know, for I will show love today, even if you show me bad sides tomorrow, still I remain me and will be me, myself Ayuel.