Being successful looks different to everyone. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that most people can agree on is that it includes feeling content and secure. One of the ways to offer this security is by opening as many doors to opportunity as possible by learning valuable life skills. There are three types of leaders in all of us: the one we think we are; the one others perceive us to be; and the one we actually are.

Shailendra Sharma is the managing director of News1India. His unified directorship in the news industry is the cornerstone for the success of this channel. Shailendra Sharma has been graduated in business administration. Before he transitioned to news and media, he was engaged in the field of real estate as an entrepreneur and grown businesses in many folds.

We go through life experiencing many pains, struggles, and trials. And even though some of them feel way bigger and more powerful than us, in truth, they aren’t! There is nothing in this world more powerful than you yourself are said Shailendra Sharma.

Shailendra says to be human is to fall down and make mistakes; to get hurt and even hurt others along the way. And even though you might feel tempted to judge and condemn yourself for not being the perfect being you think you should be, it is better to treat yourself with gentleness

His life has various ups and downs, that didn’t deter him from pursuing his dreams. At the young age of 25 years, he started this career and gained recognition. His skills and innovative work with his phenomenal success have culminated in him being the managing director of this booming channel.

He says you’ve probably been told at some point in your life that one of the keys to career success is saying “yes.” Be enthusiastic! You never know where that “yes” can lead you.

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Why do some people succeed while others do not? There could be many reasons: motivation, passion, education. One of the most significant factors is that successful people know how to recognize and seize opportunities when they appear, while unsuccessful people do not. Opportunities abound for those who know how to look for them said Sharma.

Opportunities that arise in your life make a difference. Your opportunities may be limited by circumstances, your knowledge, interest, and awareness. However, with due diligence and readiness you can make use of them. In most cases success is achieved by finding, creating and making use of opportunities. Smart people look for them and make use of them. They do not take anything for granted and keep their optimism alive Shailendra Sharma said.

Let me walk through some times when I took advantage of an opportunity that lead me to success. I’m not done growing. I can add value because I have a lot of grit. There are people who’ve gone faster than me, have experienced more success than me, etc. I bring experience, tenacity, and grit to the table. I refuse to play the comparison game; however, I choose to learn from others and always surround myself with people more successful than me he quoted.