Having a home and maintaining a good household is not an easy task.
Especially, when you have kids, things could get chaotic very easily and you’ll feel like you’re under pressure most of the time.
The solution is to try and to organize your external surroundings to keep your internals focused.
Here are some tips to become more organized…

Put a name on it!
Label everything your hands touches, label your bed “Bed” if you have to!
Labeling will help you reach things maybe 20% faster and get on with your
life easier. You will not mix salt with sugar ever again.

Write it down!
Just writing a “TO-DO” list will motivate you, you’ll figure out what needs to
be down exactly and how much it will take. Create a binder with a page or
more for each one of your family, you could write medication doses,
children’s practice time, emergency numbers and maybe “whose turn to do
the dishes”, you could write anything and everything on a paper, in a binder or if you prefer it digital write on your phone. You’ll feel more put together & at ease.

Declutter, declutter and declutter some more!
“Declutter your life. Declutter your mind” a quote I read somewhere but a
very important one that I try to follow every day, this should be your motto,
try to declutter things from your life on the daily. Start with decluttering 5
things a day and move up to 10 things per day, even if it’s something very
simple, trust me you’ll feel better and different, good different.

Kitchens are safe havens.
Setting in your kitchen with a family member is one of the most awesome
times, you get to share secrets, gossip or anything so why not do it in an
organized, easy-to-look at environment. Start from the inside, organize your
cabinets (snacks-herbs-utensils-etc…), then work your way out, display
fruits on the counter for beautiful colors and put everything that is easy to
grab, establish a place for you and your family to make life easier.

Bathroom, please!
If you’re a family of more than two members, thing could be difficult with the
bathroom situation, everyone uses a different type of shampoo or has their
own towel and that could turn it into a big mess and some bathrooms are
small for all of that. What you need to do is make a pile for each one with
“you guessed it” a label to know which toothpaste belongs to whom, thing
won’t get so out of control and bathrooms will once again be a place to

Life is hard and chaotic, I know, but, take it step by step and you will get
there, just go easy on yourself.

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