Our body goes through unbelievable changes. History has shown us periods of time where the body has gone through so much.

 If you remember the images that we all have seen from the holocaust, people were starving, their bodies were skin and bones, they had to fight hunger and illness at the same time that they to survive each day in unbearable circumstances.

Unfortunately, too many people died, but many survived and their bodies returned to normal after some time. For the mind it is a little more complicated. There is an amazing book written by a surviver from the holocaust. He was a jewish psychiatrist named Viktor Frankl. In his book he talks about the power of the mind and how nazis were causing unspeakable horrors. The one place nazis never reached was his mind. He could think as he pleased and he chose to have a positive attitude in his mind. Staying focused on being sane and strong-willed, he knew he was going to be okay when he would be freed.

Our thoughts and attitude are the only two things we have control over, the rest are circumstances and we can’t control them. 

When we worry, stress or fear we allow the outside to control the inside, our mind. Taking control of your thinking is vital not only to develop a healthier life, it is the only thing that you can choose, to be happy every second of your life and only you can do it. You can’t make others happy and no one can make you happy, it is everyone’s job to do it for ourselves.

Here are a few things you can do to make yourself happier:

Practice gratitude every day

Exercise every day

Go to bed before 10pm every day

Eat healthy food every day

Drink water every day

Say “yes” to challenges every day

Say “I love you”  to someone you love every day

Take responsibility for your own happiness every day