Collective Well-Being and Cryptocurrencies

What would your reaction be if I tell you that you can get paid for meditating? How would you react if someone told you that watching videos and creating creative content could earn you money? While this may seem like a utopian dream, such practices have become commonplace in the blockchain space. Community well-being and cryptocurrencies are correlated. That’s why networks like HighVibe and Cryptoknowmics have incentivized the participation of members with cryptocurrency, thereby playing a crucial role in boosting not only their well-being but also that of their community and ultimately the world.

The Relation Between Collective Well-Being and Financial Stability

At first glance, holistic health and cryptocurrencies may seem like two separate worlds, without an ounce of dependence on each other. When one thinks of collective well-being, cryptocurrency might not be the first thing that comes to mind. They may think of yoga or meditation. Although these elements are present in conscious communities, there is one detail that isn’t present in those elements- everyday people. This is where cryptocurrency walks in. While cryptocurrency has created waves in the financial sector, its value goes beyond that. It has played a critical role in helping people understand their worth and move to higher levels of consciousness.

Creating Empowered Individuals and Unfettered Societies

Cryptocurrency empowers everyday individuals financially. People who might have had no significant investment expertise or access to financial resources are now finding multiple opportunities to earn wealth through the blockchain space and cryptocurrency airdrops. Through this redistribution of wealth and reframing of what affluence looks like, cryptocurrency has helped to usher in a culture of abundance. The creation of this new perspective is how cryptocurrency has benefitted the collective well-being.

A World Beyond Incessant Governmental Scrutiny

The current banking system has left people with many reasons to be dissatisfied with it. Also, the state of the global economy has left many in distress. Had this new asset class of cryptocurrencies not been there, many of them would not have saved or invested their money at all. Even if the cryptocurrency market drops and most of these participants lose their money, their exposure to various top cryptocurrency events would do them a world of good. Most first time investors would stand to gain from their brief brush with the investment world and benefit from their increased experience about saving and investing. This would contribute well-being not only at an individual level but also at the community level.


Digital currency is still evolving and from the effects that it has had so far, the future looks very promising. Networks that deploy cryptocurrencies to compensate people are also attracting a lot of positive attention from people and are consistently growing. These communities are mainly comprised of people who want a change of turnaround in their lives. Today, everyday people are investing in cryptocurrencies and attaining financial empowerment at a rate never seen before. While cryptocurrency is surely benefitting everyone materially, it is also having a spiritual impact on us. The material benefits that cryptocurrencies offer eventually create a sense of fulfillment in the individual. The feeling of independence that is created as a result of this demonstrates the relationship between our collective well-being and cryptocurrencies.