Jayanti Waghdhare

Real success does not happen in the blink of an eye. You can’t just wish to accomplish something and expect that it will be given to you quickly.  Real success comes with pain, winning over trials, overcoming obstacles, and persevering despite various failures.  Today’s most successful people have shown to us how determination and belief in ourselves can lead us to massive success. We should never develop an ‘I give up’ attitude.

The Marathi entertainment industry has flourished like never before in recent times. With the talented artists and quality content, the Marathi viewing audience has seen a drastic growth in the last few years.

Jayanti Waghdhare who has been the former journalist at Zee 24 Taas says “Right from ideation to conceptualizing this song, we had a crazy time shooting for it. We are happy that the Marathi cinema lovers have a dedicated OTT platform that has got some quality content coming their way soon”, revealed Jayanti.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is the most important saying to remember when giving up becomes a legitimate thought she said. Nobody can create an empire in a day; no business can become a multi-billion-dollar venture in one day, and no idea is worth throwing in the garbage if all the stops haven’t been pulled out yet.

There is a lot to say about rewriting drafts in our lives, and sometimes they need to be revised and edited multiple times before the finished copy can be published and celebrated.

Have you ever heard the phrase “past the point of no return”? It means that you’ve come so far, it’s easier to continue than to turn back. The phrase is used much more sparingly than it should be. Every moment of your life is past the point of no return. You’re not going to eventually end up back in the womb. All you can do is move forward in life, and the reason why is because wherever you’re at or whatever you do, you can’t turn back time said Jayanti.

People will give you thousand of reasons to live life in negativity and to give up on your dreams. Will you hear those voices and believe those views?

The choice is yours.

But there is another voice inside your heart that will tell you; You are a masterpiece. You can do whatever you want. You can fulfil your impossible dreams. Just don’t give up on your dream. Your victory is closer than you think. Keep going & keep moving. You are at the end of the tunnel. All the pain you have been you will get double the success quoted Jayanti.