What will the new integral society look like which we can now co-create together with this mostly blank slate we have been given ?

We help each other with corrections, yet each one is responsible for their own correction, not the others.  The question to ask is what are we each doing to assist the whole of humanity with this action ?  We cannot be like children running all over the place any longer, it must be in the light of commitment to our current coronavirus reality or we will have to deal with the appearance of additional viruses.  What does nature want from us, to connect all as one, so if our choices are for connection then it is good and will be good for all.

We don’t need the excess production with 50 types of cheese for example, 25 options are enough.  The excessive production processes are harming the environment, we must find balance.  The continuity of generations is now the only priority, with increased connection between all families connecting here to build the correct society, where each will prioritize the need to care and love for all.  If not, then why are we here ?  What are we serving while we are here besides ourselves ?  By constantly working, our children are being raised to be machines, to have lack of warmth, they lack to feel the correct environment of love and kindness, they lack  true depth of purpose.  

Serving self is not the purpose of humanity, it is serving others.  This is what is being revealed by our slower paced society.  Without all the excess nonsense which serves no higher purpose in our lives, we have the time to locate, define and preserve what truly is our task while we are here.  It is not ever too late to begin.  Let us create a new world, one with a return to a connected generational family unit who works for each other, not for themselves at the expense of everyone else.

If we can’t do this, we will have deserved the consequences already prepared. 

Now that we have been given the time, what conditions will we be able to create in our relationships with our families as we understand and prioritize the desire to connect with the proper social skills to those which are close to us and to the extended family of the world?  

Main thing is to remember if we are not connection oriented, the viruses will return in more intensity.  We are purifying the air between our attitude towards each other, during the current coronavirus crisis.

We now are learning through reflection in nature what we were doing wrong.  The previous wave of manufacturing in China, and elsewhere, can seek to move to more localized areas as all excess production is now closed, with their bottom line in mind they could be looking elsewhere to begin again.  Best to follow nature’s advice and not to return to such excess.

WHO, World Health Organization funding does not exist any longer, what is their role now?  What should be the role of the many international organizations which have failed on every level of our existence, like the UN.  Each one concerned for themselves, not the whole of the system.  This is not how connected international organizations should operate according to the definition of the words.  

The wave of movement is currently towards mutual guarantee and integral education, with all being given a stimulus  portion and soon to be a monthly stipend for existence and provisions for all.  Food will become more localized again, with less imported necessities, cities and towns growing their own ‘family’ gardens.  These same towns and cities will be prioritizing providing housing for each resident registered.  Some will work, yet all will be provided for just as in the family unit where the grandparents and the children do not work outside the home, yet contribute within the home.  This adjustment will balance out the incoming automations, lowering of manufacturing thus production and consumption, as we have now learned this is the path we must take to sustain our existence here.

Additionally, for those who are being shifted to not working and working part time, there will be integral education programs available to balance out not working, for if we receive something for nothing, we shall once again obtain the side of imbalance from different details.  Integral Education will be part of our daily routine to contribute to society, promoting and moving society towards increasing the importance of the new life of showing responsibility for others. That we grow into our second nature above the first one which we are now growing out of.

We will in turn have the time and slower pace which allows for actual integration and complete connection between the family members.  Everything will be moved back into the priority of family first, as everything emanates out into the whole of humanity from within our own family units.  So when we have dysfunction, then this is our collective ill, we are sharing everything with this interconnected and integral world.  When we work on love and connection, then this is what we provide as the remedy for all the ills of the integral world.  The true remedy then radiates back to us a joy and happiness which again reverberates outwards, thus multiplying the circles exponentially, just as the ripples in the water example.  Good perception heals much quicker than the ills imbalance us, thus the body of the world can heal quickly if we all learn how to accomplish this.  

The storage facilities have been stocked to the max and new ones have been created within some of the vacant spaces which opened up, yet we all must be wise and each begin to interact with their food from its beginning stages.  If you are not able, then connect with others who are, learn in a group.  We are not meant to do much of anything by ourselves, every opportunity is given for connection over differences, not for fear of the future.  Use it for good.

Yet, these essential things take time to instill with the many changes necessary for proper implementation, this will require a large amount of growing or birthing pains, depending on how you wish to look at it.  The plan of the higher government is this mutual guarantee and it is being revealed into existence for us who live in this time.  We are being transformed by the system we exist within, being guided closer to the purpose of and for creation.  Connecting together as one desire for the betterment of all first, not for self.   The most important thing is to not remain caught in the smaller movements, to remember the larger focus which is good despite the differences, with good intentions for all as nature reflects for us.

For as our thoughts get caught in the smaller movements and view them as negative, then we, again, are sharing an ill with the world then to expand into the collective, we then repeat the cycle.  We must remember to remain on top of the cycle, not behind it.

We are inside the system of nature breaking the natural order of things.  There are those who are looking for another planet for us to live on, yet we cannot take car of the one we have.  If we can’t take care of this one, we can’t take care of another, what then?  Needs to be sustainable from within, thus we must change our choices instead of seeking to conform everything to our improper choices.  We need to clean ourselves up, then once we are cleaner on the inside we can clean the planet earth.  We have been given the coronavirus so that we will slow down and seek where each must help his friend, how to bring ourselves to the correct connection between us, that our individual egos will be corrected.

More integral, social, considerate of the others including the still, vegetative, animal and human by raising our sensitivity to the environment.  This is our great work, we have been given, one we can no longer hide from.  We cannot return to the old way of life, we must seek the way to relate to all around us,  The correction of the ego.  When we begin to relate to one another as friends, neighbors, realizing each one is a part of the correct connection between us, in this way we will become corrected, balanced, less consumer based and more friendly with importance towards our connection between us.  

Changes will come when we realize our environment is our collective reflection of our collective nature, that which occurs outside of us is our internal nature.  This nature is governed by the ego, which is represented by the government which was depicted in the past, with each one making a profit at the expense of the others and the earth, collecting the dead in such a way we cannot keep up.  We must change our government, our way of thinking, each one of us internally, not someone else externally.  We no longer can continue to blame everyone around us, we will now begin to determine how to behave as we are seeing good results from the whole of the world being slowed down, the air is cleaner, the water is purer, animals are returning to locations vacated by pollution.   

We now must look after our nature.  Let’s live as if there is plenty of room for everyone, because there is.  

We must cleanse our own ego in order to cleanse the world.  It must come from within, and the coronavirus has given us this space.  We see how the whole world has become cleaner by our absence, allowing the earth its much needed jubilee of rest.  As we clean up our minds and hearts, we will be given the strength and ability to clean up the mess we have soiled all around us.  Think about it, is there anyone’s house where you could go and dump your garbage and  not clean up?  

We are responsible for all of it.

For everything we consume, we require oil at some level.  Now we have been silenced, we see how much we dont require all the oil we have been over consuming, depleting the earth of its natural lubricant which it needs as well for its proper functioning. The oil tankers are stacked up with no place to store their goods.  The process of extracting the oil from the earth has ground to a halt.

Isn’t it ironic, the plastics which are made from oil end up back in the ocean because we have no other place to dump our waste?  Think about how crazy it is, that we take ships full of our waste, dump them in other countries and in the ocean because our highest consumer countries have nowhere to put it. Latter generations will look at us and see how ignorant and selfish we were.

There are those who say the virus is man made, those who say it has come to distract us from what is really going on behind the scenes, given by one part of the government to another part, those who say it is just a virus which has taken over all the world.  

All of this emanates from within our ego which progressively demands increasingly more, thus nature gave the virus as a remedy, which is a reflection of the larger virus, us and our disconnection from nature’s integral nature.  With the time we have been given, we can ask what is our true purpose here and we can address the excess we have left behind, for now we have time to see it all around us.  We even have excess “money” if you can call it that, as this has also become worth nothing.  All of our rituals being cancelled have allowed more funds to be made available for new projects such as the stimulus.  Everything we place value on or in has been rendered useless by our own choices of actions from within.  

We now are beginning to see that we really do not need to work 100 hours a week, consume everything like some hungry garbage disposal. Society will now settle into working less, consuming less, living more, connecting with each other more, for this is the lost commodity.  Loving kindness with the intention of the integral care of all others.