Why Life is No Longer an Unconscious Journey


The only constant in life is change and it is erupting all around us. As people who participate in the routine of life, it was easy to breeze through life unconsciously.  The routine made it comfortable to release responsibility for our thoughts, actions and statements.  Behaving unconsciously meant we were having a bad day without consideration of our impact to others to get through it.

It was comfortable to go through our day operating in a bubble. We were able to solve any problems that interrupted to our routine and easily dismissed what we did not want to hear.  This provided a sense of control.  Something comes up, we solve it and go about our day. 

Now, stress and anxiety seem to be constant. The unknown future is unnerving and our days are anything but mundane. Anomalies are taking place everywhere.  We have witnessed current events akin to a volcano erupting, a twister touch-down, the unpreventable tsunami. The terrain is flooded and all in its path has been consumed. The world we once lived in is no longer and will never be the same again. Problems so immense, we have no idea how to respond to them.  Feeling helpless in thwarting the shift in the landscape; all we can do is learn to navigate and adjust to the new surroundings and how we feel in it.  

The effect has been more than personal. It vacillates in our communities, collides with our states, fluctuates in all countries and reverberates around the world.  A force so strong, it has touched the hearts and souls of all in one way or another. This is the moment to take the time to understand how this encounter has impacted you.   The experience leaves an impression with the capacity of changing us forever.  Only you understand at an intimate level whether it brings forward the best of your soul from within.

The result, injustice has been unearthed. Everyone’s pain is real and raw. In witnessing the consequence of these events, personal pain has been summoned. Some of us have endured the heartache, others not so much. What is the common foundation has been created at this moment? 

Something has shifted within each of us. No longer are we unconsciously going through the routines of the day.  I am cognizant of my actions.  I am mindful and take responsibility for my thoughts, as well as my emotions.  I am attentive when I have been triggered and sensitive to the consequence of my words. Especially when they can cause more pain.  To be perceptive of all that I do is to be conscious and I am learning this is a powerful place to be. But the difference is, it is happening to everyone.  With everyone conscious, we are thinking before speaking occurs.  It is no longer acceptable to lash out thoughtlessly without understanding the potential repercussions.  We are conscious of what we are saying, doing, acting and being – good, bad or indifferent.  This conscious state of mind is happening everywhere and whether you realize it or not, we have all shifted at once.  

The question now is, what do we do with this conscious state of being?  Where do I channel all this inner emotional energy I feel? How do I share it in a positive way?    

Contribute to your community.

It is through our acts of kindness, our compassion, our love of people that makes a difference.  How we want to be treated is how we should be treating others. This is the most valuable of contributions. Through simple and small acts of kindness, thoughtful statements, a smile on our face is how we share the love in our hearts. Consciously realize this moment has been written in many ancient texts and we are, right at this very moment, the participants.

Our current condition was predicated on trauma so it makes sense we go through several stages to ultimately heal. We must patiently witness the stages of healing being traversed understanding that every aspect taking place is altering our environment and revolutionizing us as individuals on a global scale.  We are all personally responsible for this world because is some small or great measure, have created it.  

By taking personal responsibility, bringing forward the best aspects of ourselves, we contribute to the collective.  This transformation should be a new conscious foundation for our leadership for all levels of our social and economic governance. In this way we will move through this story line of life. We will one day look back at this time in history as a great leap of humankind in unity, in diversity, as one people united, working together. For more information on ENOLIA ( Enolia Foti ), please see www.ENOLIA.live