There’s no place as cozy as autumn in New England.  For the next few months, it’s all about crisp leaves, comfy sweaters, dark nail polish, lattes, and pulling out my UGGs.  (Yes…I’m aware of how ugly they are, but is there anything more comfortable?) It’s the perfect time to slow down, unwind from out fast-paced summer, and enjoy the simple things. 

Here are our top 10 activities for fall:


There’s nothing like walking through an orchard trying to find the perfect crisp apple.  Pick a large bag of apples and make some homemade applesauce, apple crisp, or even apple pancakes.  They are a wonderful after school snack. 


Leaf peepers like myself love long drives during fall.  I don’t mind the slow pace of cars on winding roads as I’m listening to a great playlist, looking at porch decorations, and drinking a pumpkin latte with the windows down. 


Big? Small? Round? White? Your options are endless if you find the right pumpkin patch.  Next, show off your creativity and carve them to display in front of your house.  Don’t forget to bake the pumpkin seeds. 


Ferris wheels, candy apples, livestock, and games where you win a cheesy stuffed animal are some of our favorite things about fall fairs. And did I mention all the carnival food? Yes please!


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean farm stands are done.  There are still lots of yummy fruit and vegetables to be found.  It is also a great place to buy apple cider, mums, apple donuts, corn stalks, and gourds.  


Since I have absolutely no sense of direction, it is a guarantee that when I step into a corn maze I will get lost.  But that’s half the fun isn’t it? 


The woods take on a different aura in autumn and it’s a nice change of pace from summer hikes.  Colorful trees surround you and leaves crunch underfoot.  Take advantage of the foliage and go somewhere with an amazing view. 


We love heading to the beach in fall.  Waves are crashing, kids are building sand castles, and we’re playing beach games while bundled up in cozy sweatshirts.  The best part is many beaches allow dogs after Labor Day!


Sitting on a bale of hay while bouncing around on a wagon pulled by horses or tractors screams fall!


We wait until the last possible moment to store our boat because we all love wrapping ourselves up in a pile of blankets while coasting past the sandbar looking at the mountains bursting with color.

What is your family’s favorite thing to do in fall?


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