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How to overcome fear when you don’t think you can. The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, we’ve heard that a million times. That’s not true at all, that’s one of the biggest lies in self-help. 

Fear is not False Evidence Appearing Real, fear is the expectation of pain.

What is fear? It’s a hard emotional feeling.It’s an experience in the body that if I do this thing, I’m thinking of doing what if it causes me more pain attacks than the pain that I’m feeling right now? Think about anything that you’re afraid of losing.

  • Losing your health
  • Losing your job 
  • Losing your money
  • Losing your loved one

That’s pretty much what humans experience here on this planet, we experience loss but we’re scared of it and that’s perfectly fine. It’s fine to be afraid of loss but you shouldn’t, nobody gets excited about losing but that’s what we fear. 

People develop anxiety, feel anxious, experiencing failure, worst control, and phobia, that are some of the symptoms of having fear. We are imagining panic day by day and here are some list of fear we experienced:

  • Fear losing
  • Fear being embarrassed
  • Fear rejection
  • Fear losing money
  • Fear of losing face
  • Fear of losing our friends 
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of humiliation
  • Fear of looking stupid
  • Fear of being cast out
How to Overcome Fear?

How to Overcome Fear?

  1. Identify what you’re scared of – “What am I scared of?”
  2. What is the pain that you are afraid of? – “What’s the pain as a result of this loss?”
  3. Use my Afformations® method – “Great way to overcome fear”

Afformations® is a question, it’s an empowering question that immediately changes your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive. 

Why is everything going to be okay? Why did everything work out even better than I thought it would? Situation differs from person to person, our mind has powerful sensations to transform that negative strategy to an enthusiastic action. Step your goals to success, overcoming mental and physical fear will resolve negative conditions that bring danger and threat in facing situations. 

People have the ability on dealing with everyday challenges, practice living easy while achieving a successful life. Start to breathe negative emotions and learn to create a plan to lose fearful hearts to reach and achieve your dreams. It may be a lot but breathing will live your mind’s imagination chances to notice the future with a strong setting.

You don’t have to be afraid to overcome fear

The first 30 years of my life it was all I’m not enough, that was the only statement that I ever heard. That’s why I decided to commit suicide; when I was 25 years old, I’d been hearing negative record my whole life.

  • I’m not enough
  • I’ll never be enough
  • I’ll never amount to anything

It’s like living your life in a box, I felt short in respect and it takes my positive outcomes. I decided to take my whole life now with a calm, happy and easier life. I have those conversations in my books like Power Habits® and the book of Afformations® from Hay House.

I decided at the very last hours that my life was spared, I went on a long journey to find my purpose on the earth. When I finally found my purpose on earth, that’s when most of my fear dissipated. I have fears like everyone else but not the huge overarching fear that I used to live with protected life all the time constantly.

You don't have to be afraid to overcome fear

You have the responsibility of coping up with emotion, let your mind focus and deal with change to avoid stress. You can’t be run by fear, there are two ways to go through life:

  1. Coming From Fear – “When you’re coming from fear, your word is coming from the belief that I’m not enough.”
  2. Coming From Love – “When you’re coming from love, your word is coming from the belief of I’m enough or why am I enough. 

When you find your purpose and finding your because, that’s actually the 11th Power Habit® is to find your because. That’s when you realize that all of your fears don’t come to pass, most of them don’t really happen. Accept the feelings that grow awareness and mindfulness to your most feared business, walk with risks and have faith that you’ll succeed in a minute.

Fourth bonus tip:

Take action in the face of fear. Everything you desire is on the other side of fear, if you have fear, I guarantee you that whatever you want your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is actually on the other side of that fear. 

Encourage yourself to be extra consistent in reaching your goals, have exposure with your social friends to replace your frightened heart with Afformations® and your confidence will eventually guide you from learning to have courage in reaching your goal.

You have choices to make, planning helps you to lift your personal happiness and confront negative attacks effectively.


  • Noah St. John

    Author of 15 books including AFFORMATIONS® and Power Habits®


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