Overcoming anxiety

Sooner or later you will stumble across a moment in time where you realise it is time, it is time to stop what you are doing and change your path. Moment after moment you play the same game, the same routine, you maintain the same programming, the same triggers, the same limited beliefs. This was me too but how long can you go on this way? 

7 years ago, I remember being sat on the floor in my bedroom thinking I just can’t do this any more. I’d just had another anxiety attack and it seemed like all of my human experience was just suffering. It felt like one thing after another – from being bullied in school to a bad breakup to struggles with anxiety, anxiety attacks and depression and even more in between. 

So what do you do with all this? Where do you channel all those emotions? For me, they ended up in my body leading to physical ailments. Emotionally, I had disconnected myself from a young age and carrying constant pain and sorrow became the new normal. 

It was all a lie though.

The truth is, that’s not me – that’s the story I told myself, it’s the identity I gave myself and the role that I played.

The truth is I (just like anyone on this planet) am a powerful spiritual being with limitless possibilities. 

There came my moment when I realised it was time to stop and change my path. My moment of reclaiming my power! My purpose on this planet was not to sit in sorrow and pain and dwell on the past. It was to learn how to believe in myself, step into my power, serve others, break cycles of cultural, generational and society programming and live life to my fullest potential whilst bringing others along with me, those who wanted to awaken too. 

So where has that understanding got me? After years of personal development, reprogramming my subconscious mind, releasing low vibration and charges from my body, energy healing and more holistic processes…

Fast forward a few years – I am now an Entrepreneur and International speaker. I am a speaker for the Global Women Thrive Summit hosted by the Women in Business Club impacting thousands of people between March 20-31st. Come and join me as I share my story of how I transformed my life from one of smiling to cover up my secret struggles of unhappiness, pain and sorrow to now serving women globally. 

As a Spiritual Business Mindset Coach, Breakthrough expert and Energetic master, I have stepped into my power and leadership. I am working hard to impact, empower and change the lives of women all over the world using the natural processes I used to awaken to who I truly am. I mainly focus on subconscious reprogramming and energetics to support my mission of awakening women to connect to the truth of who they really are and step into their power. 

I also use my business as a platform to be a voice for those who come from backgrounds where mental health, talking about feelings, breaking the norm and women’s status are taboo topics or suppressed.

Here are a few examples of how you too can start to awaken to who you truly are:

Identify your limited beliefs

What are all the reasons that you think you can’t? Most of what we learn from a young age and pick up from others is the limited stories we programme into the subconscious. Make a list of your limited stories and identify ways to turn them into opportunities. 

Where are you giving your power away? 

Look at various areas of your life, it could be relationships, money, career, health and wellness, creativity, time. Where are you feeling dis-empowered, what can you do to reclaim your power and what boundaries can you set to stop further dis-empowerment? 

Release what no longer serves you 

There are various techniques that can be successfully used such as mindset techniques, breathwork, journaling, meditation. However to go deeper to the root of what no longer serves you – reprogramming the subconscious mind. 

Women empowerment is needed now more than ever because it’s time for a new path. For centuries each one of us has been running on old ideas, old patterns, old programming. It’s time to let go of the past and embrace the future with new ideas, new patterns, new programming and most of all respect for a woman’s worth. 

Karishma Sharma is a Spiritual Business Mindset Coach, Breakthrough expert and Energetics Queen.
She is an advocate for mental health, blending mindset work, spirituality, and inner healing to help women succeed in business and life.
She became passionate about inner healing work through her own experiences and struggles with depression and anxiety. Blending mindset, energy, and deep inner work she has managed to overcome her own struggles and is now passionate about helping others.

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