Life does not move linearly, and every human on the planet faces problems at every stage of personal growth.

It is pretty common to think that successful people got there with luck and did not face any significant problems. But the reality is entirely different, and adversity has actually been like stepping stones to success for a lot of people.

Similar is the story of Gerry Sanchez, who faced a lot of failures before getting success in his business. In this post, Gerry Sanchez talks about the best ways to overcome hurdles; and turn them into elements for your own growth.

Before we get into the examples, here are some inspiring examples of famous people who faced failure, and turned it into success –

12 major publishing houses rejected J.K. Rowling.

Walt Disney was fired because his editor felt that he lacked imagination.

Abraham Lincoln fought with severe depression.

Bill Gates’ initial ventures failed.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deep into the subject… 

1. Change your perspective of life

We, as humans, are affected mostly by our surroundings and emotions. While growing up, we tend to engage and accept the mindset and thinking process of people in our family, society, and culture.

Everything we think might seem right to us in the micro-perspective, but the meaning of life is way more significant when we think of our participation in the world as a whole.

Problems usually seem big when we think from this perspective, but just by thinking about the bigger picture can change our thought process.

Think about your problems and ask yourself: Will these problems be relevant 5 years from now? If not, there is no point in getting all hung up for something that will become irrelevant in the near future. 

Gerry Sanchez used this thinking hack to overcome numerous hurdles at the beginning of his journey.

2. Consult people who have done it

Having a mentor in your life will change the way you achieve success. Not every one of us can get a mentor, but like everything else, there are numerous alternatives. 

If you would like to know how Gerry Sanchez approached this in his life; he did it by taking real case examples.

When you face a problem, think of people who have met similar situations and how they solved it!

Talk to these people, analyze their stories and you will certainly devise potential solutions to your problems.

3. Set Timely Goals

Just like the quote, “Prevention is better than correction”, you can actually prevent most of the problems in your life if you plan ahead.

Not planning your tasks and goals is actually inviting problems into your life.

Strangely enough, after you start planning, you will also start prioritising. And you will find that you cannot give time to all the tasks in your mind.

Some things to consider to make your plans work: 

a) Your goals should be realistic and achievable. You will grow with small steps, not big leaps. 

b) Make your goals measurable

c) You have to set a deadline 

4. Consider the alternatives

Problems arise when you don’t know how to get what you want. And often, people don’t even realise their alternatives and just keep pushing in the same direction. 

Gerry Sanchez realised this initially and even witnessed the depth of the change that can happen if you just make a small shift in your thinking.

Forget about your problem for a few minutes and think about all the alternatives that you have in hand. Give it some deep, serious thought, and try researching on Google. It will give you surprising alternatives which will potentially solve your problems forever.

5. Rethink on your assumptions 

Some of the biggest obstacles cannot be found out there, but inside your mind. Changing your mindset and way of thinking is likely the answer to many of the problems in your life.

Ideas that limit your potential. Such as: 

 I don’t have enough money

I don’t have enough time to pursue my dreams

I don’t have a strong network to kickstart my business

Gerry Sanchez strongly advocates fighting these assumptions and studying the problems faced by successful people who were once at your place and situation.

I am sure you have heard people talking about not having enough money to start a business and then buying the latest smartphone or tv.

Implementing even one of the solutions mentioned in this post will help you face any hurdle on your way to success. 

Gerry Sanchez is a living example of this fact and is now working on expanding his businesses further and helping people develop their true potential.

You will deserve success once you overcome the obstacles you find in your life.