Writer burn out is real. And when you depend on your writing for sustenance, it can be stressful when it comes. So how do you deal with it.

I started professional writing way back in college. By then, I was doing creative writing for a free blog that I owned and once my writing skills kicked off, I found myself getting writing gigs because my clients had found my blog, they loved my writing style and consistency and wanted me to write for them. I remember my elder brother played a major role back then because he used to encourage me and told me to continued doing what I loved best. My blog was mostly on tech products because I was always amazed by the latest laptop models, latest smartphones and anything that was smart and sleek.

However, with time I found myself in the writer’s worst corner; a burn out and it was so bad. There were days when I would wake up and have nothing at all to write. No matter how hard I tried, I would find myself just not able to write any copy. My mind would be blank and I just couldn’t put across any copy.

Find inspiration

When the burn out happened, I would try as much as possible to look for something to get me back on track. And I always found one or two things. For example, I would read other great blogs especially from this guy whom I regard as the best tech writer who wins awards every year  such as US tech blog award winner for their stellar content as well as the consistency that the guy maintains in his work.

Recognize the problem

Though this mind sound cliché, when you get a writer burn out, you are supposed to first look for what caused it in the first place. In my case, anytime I was short of cash or there was a problem at home, I found out that I just couldn’t write no matter how hard I tried. I would feel empty and lack the inspiration and lack words to put pen to paper.

Take a break and find yourself

When the burn out occurs, try as hard as you might to first get back yourself. Introspect and ask why you start writing in the first place and once you get the answers to this, you will come back revived and full of ideas to write about.

Build consistency

I found out that I was a little bit lazy and would take so long to put one article after the other. When I realized this, I decided to be more consistent and would do at least 2 articles per day and this kind of helped me deal with the burn out.