Every body is a bikini body! If you’re wearing a bikini at the beach, you’re bikini body ready – it really is that simple!

Hitting the beach on holiday should always be fun and relaxing, but if you’re stressing about your body image, it can be hard to truly embrace that holiday vibe. What’s more, after so long in lockdown, the idea of getting back out there and feeling great in a bikini might feel more daunting than ever.

Whether you’re planning on travelling abroad or you’re set on a staycation, there’s no reason to let your body image anxieties get in the way of you living your best life this summer! We’re not talking about dieting or trying to change your body to match the ‘perfect’ figures we so often encounter on social media. Instead, it’s time to embrace the wonderful uniqueness of your own body and let your body positivity flag fly.

Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Find the perfect bikini style for you

As we’ve established – every body is a bikini body. However, that doesn’t mean that every bikini style will make you feel incredible. Just like with the rest of your wardrobe, you need to focus on finding the right swimwear style for you. And no, we’re not going down the route of finding the “perfect” shape for your body type. We’re talking about you finding the bikini that makes you feel confident and fabulous, regardless of your shape.

If you feel fantastic in a teeny tiny strappy bikini or a chic bandeau bikini – go for it! Or, if you prefer feeling a bit more covered but still want to be bang-on trend, try out a high-waisted option. Trying on lots of different styles is key to finding the right fit for you. Don’t worry too much about which styles are most fashionable. Instead, find that perfect bikini that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Don’t be fooled by Instagram posts

Another potential pitfall in anyone’s quest for body positivity is getting too absorbed in social media. Even people who feel secure in their looks can become disheartened when bombarded with countless perfectly staged bikini pictures on their Instagram feed.

If you find yourself feeling low every time you log on to social media, why not take a break? Or, at least, unfollow accounts that are knocking your confidence. Remember, not everything you see on social media is an accurate reflection of reality. It’ll never do any good comparing your own insecurities to someone else’s highlight reel.

Follow body-posi accounts

On the subject of social media, it’s important to remember that there are many accounts out there that can boost your body confidence rather than knock it. Accounts that promote body positivity help to show that there’s no typical ‘bikini body’ and everyone can look fabulous, no matter their shape or size. So, by following body-post Instagrammers like Megan Jayne Crabbe and Kellie Brown, you’re sure to feel a boost of confidence that will inspire you to jump into your bikini and head to the beach.

Try something new with your hair or makeup

There are plenty of ways to get yourself prepped for feeling good in a bikini that don’t involve losing a pound. If you’re looking for ways to feel glam on your summer holiday, focus on other parts of your body and try some new makeup or hair techniques. Stocking up on waterproof makeup ahead of your summer holiday is one way of hitting the beach without feeling too vulnerable. Even a simple swish of waterproof mascara can make the world of difference.

As for your hair, those beachy waves you’ve seen on Instagram probably take a lot more work than the perfect picture would have you believe! Try out some new techniques this summer to give you an extra boost of confidence. What’s more, if you aren’t feeling super-secure in your body, drawing more attention to your hair can help you to feel less vulnerable. Big hair, such as curls, waves, or even a classic messy bun, can work to balance out your silhouette and draw attention away from any parts of your body that you don’t want to show off.

Of course, going au naturel with your hair and makeup is also a great option if that’s how you feel most comfortable. At the end of the day, it’s all about you and what makes you feel confident! Once you’re relaxing on a beach or by the pool, cocktail in hand, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your body. So, remember to relax, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself too much to have a care in the world!