Going to see a dentist may be the last thing any people would like to do. It can’t be denied that dental treatment is long associated to something uncomfortable and even frightening. There are some people who have dentophobia, a chronic fear for dental treatment, dentist, or dental practice atmosphere.

It can’t be denied that many people had inconvenience experiences with dental treatment and that created a stereotype that dental treatment is always painful and stressful. The fact is, many dental procedures are causing painful sensation and not to mention the disturbing noise from the drill. Surprisingly, not the dental drills or pliers that mostly cause traumatic experiences in dental treatment but it is the anesthesia injection. Yes, while the later procedure is actually the most intense ones, think about drilling the tooth or cutting and suturing gums, but the anesthesia made the patient not feel the pain. The true pain comes when the anesthesia injected to certain parts of the gum. The sting from the needle and uncomfortable feeling afterwards can be really traumatic. Moreover, through a dental procedure the anesthesia could be injected multiple times and that means multiple the pain.

This kind of traumatic pain is the reason why people are hesitating getting a dental treatment earlier. Even when the condition force them to seek treatment, they will be very stressful even before getting the treatment. New and innovative procedure currently offered at a Polish dental clinic could revolutionize the dental treatment. The dentysta Gliwice is using a method of transmucosal electric nerve stimulation. This method is applied right before the anesthesia injection. With a specific device, electric impulses are sent to certain part of the gum where the anesthesia will be injected. The electric impulses will block the pain that the patient won’t feel the sting when the needle inserted. The electric impulses also help eliminating the discomfort after the anesthesia injected. It is reduced into a mere tingling sensation.

Electric nerve stimulation has been widely researched and also have been applied for medical treatment related to pain management such as spine and joint pain, shingles therapy, even during delivery. But application of electric impulse stimulation with transmucosal method for dental treatment is very new and dentysta Gliwice is pioneering it.

With transmucosal electric nerve stimulation method, dentysta Gliwice offers better service to its patients. There won’t be any stress, any suffering pain, and gruesome discomfort from anesthesia for dental treatment. When patients are stress free and calm, it would help the dentist to focus on the doing the procedure as precise as possible.

While the pain-free anesthesia is very innovative, that’s not the only advance features this clinic could offer. This clinic has 3D X-ray with intraoral scanning allowing higher resolution imaging for higher precision diagnostic and procedure guidance, modern laser technology, and many more. This clinic also took extra efforts to keep the patients calm, relax, ad distracting them from negative though by offering brain-controlled helicopter drone the patients can try to fly or use the VR glasses while they are in waiting room.