custom paint by numbers kit for adults

If you’re looking for a quiet and creative hobby, that would bring you both joy and relax, then painting by numbers is for you. Never heard about that? Well, it’s been popular some time ago. Last year due to Covid-19 lockdowns that has been a rebirth of painting in general Even people, who are not skilled in painting and have no previous experience are able to start and within a couple of days they make their own artwork. Does it sound interesting to you?

In case it caught your attention, you must know these few things before starting your very first painting journey. Paint by numbers kits for adults are sold in two variants – either a you select a popular design that you find on the internet and order one, or you would want to have your own photo converted into a painting. Especially the second option is so popular, because at artwork done by your own hand is something that’s unique. It’s also a very special gift – personalized gifts are what people look for for birthdays, Christmas etc. There are many suppliers that are able to make such a painting kit for you, but you should take care you choose one, which has enough reviews and has been validated by other customers. I have already mentioned one link above.

When you are sure which photo you want to have converted into the painting, just visit the product page, upload your image and select the desired canvas size. It’s OK to start with 40×50 cm, but the picture must not be very detailed. With detailed photos you need to go for bigger canvas sizes.

Once you get your delivery, you are almost ready to start. First thing you will need to do is to check the delivery – due to possible damages. Once you open the package, unroll the canvas on your working table that has to be preferably as flat as possible. Are there any dents? Just stretch it out or even use an iron through a towel to get your canvas flat. Now look at the paints – is the amount of paints complete? If yes, then look at the reference picture that is attached to the kit. You’ll need to get the impression how to plan your work.

Always start as following:

  1. review the paint pots and their numbers, you need to be sure you’ve got a complete range of paints
  2. always start with light colors first – start with the white color, light blue, light grey, yellow, etc.
  3. once you are finished with the light colors, move on to the darker ones
  4. always make sure you clean your brushes when changing to another paint. Best is wash it in clean water and wipe it with a piece of dry cloth.
  5. in case your paints got dry, don’t worry. You will only have to a small bit of water to melt it.

As the title suggests, painting is a great hobby to boost your creativity. And not only that. Peaceful concentrated activity leads to a meditative state which scientists call “flow”. It’s very beneficial as an activity that brings your mind to a calm state are releases stress that you have accumulated during your busy day. So, are you now the new artist that is starting his new painting journey? What will be your first artwork? Comment below and share us your thoughts.